Choose A Custom Luxury Pivot Door With A Modern Design For Your Los Angeles Home

Jun 19, 2024

Nothing says modern home luxury quite like a breathtaking pivot door. Create a beautiful contemporary entryway for your property when you partner with Panda Windows & Doors, (888-246-1651), a leading manufacturing distributor of premium window and door systems.

Imagine knowing that everyone who visits your home will be greeted by a breathtaking pivot door that appears to float as it sweeps open, revealing your spectacular foyer and modern, open concept interiors.

Make this bold statement your own when you partner with Panda Windows & Doors, the industry's leading manufacturers of custom luxury pivot doors designed to blend seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic. Learn more and schedule a consultation today at


Panda Windows & Doors believes every home deserves its own touch of elegance. Their magnificent line of custom luxury pivot doors gives you the opportunity to bring a heightened level of modern elegance to your home's entrance.

And not just in the figurative sense.

Pivot doors from Panda are tailored for larger entryways and can be customized to reach a staggering 24 feet in height and 10 feet in width. Each door features a concealed self-closing and multi-point locking mechanism for a sleek aesthetic and security you can rely on. You can even opt for smart home integration, and a keyless entry system or a keypad-enabled smart lock.


An industry leader in handcrafted, state-of-the-art custom-designed window and door systems, Panda Windows & Doors is bringing a wide array of customization options to their luxury pivot door collections. Integrate a modern feature into your home's architecture that both you and your guests can marvel at from your home's exterior as well as your home's interior. Because there's no ignoring the majesty a pivot door brings to any home design scheme.

Your customization choices include:

  • sidelites,
  • transom windows,
  • door frames in aluminum, aluminum/wood clad, steel, stainless steel, bronze, and solid wood,
  • finish options that include powder coat, faux wood, wood-clad, and solid wood, and
  • custom color matching

... just to name a few.

A spokesperson for Panda Windows & Doors says:

“Luxury pivot doors have become increasingly popular for their elevated level of modern elegance and sophistication. Our collections are manufactured to exacting specifications, meeting demand for contemporary entryways that combine functionality with striking visual appeal.”


Check out Panda's original line of glass, aluminum and blended doors, or take your selection to a whole new level when you choose from the company’s award-winning Voyage Select line.

Voyage Select pivot doors feature masterpiece fabrication designed to make each entryway a showpiece. A pivot door from this collection offers enhanced customization options that include:

  • LED lights,
  • biometric smart locks,
  • automated drop seals,
  • various sill options, and
  • a full range of hardware.


Panda's products are not only ideal for luxury homes in Los Angeles, but they are also being integrated into high-end commercial architecture.

Panda’s list of corporate clients includes a wide array of luxury hotel brands such as The Four Seasons, The Ritz-Carlton, and MGM Grand; automotive brands including Porsche, Fisker, and Infiniti; and tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, and Salesforce, among many others.

With thousands of successful projects worldwide, architects, builders, glaziers, and homeowners continue to partner with Panda Windows & Doors for their innovative solutions and modern, high-design focus.

A recent client says “I was looking to remodel our home and had trouble finding a company that could provide the door size I wanted. Panda Windows & Doors came to the rescue with the perfect custom-sized pivot door.”

Is a luxury pivot door just the right feature to take your home from 'oh' to 'whoa!'? Speak to an expert from Panda Windows & Doors and have your custom-made pivot door shipped within 6 - 10 weeks. Learn more at

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