Chiropractor Business Brokerage In Nashville: Listings & Marketing Material

Jun 5, 2024

Struggling to capture the attention of buyers for your chiropractor clinic? A quick sale doesn’t have to mean settling for a lower price when you work with Progressive Practice Sales. Close your deal in half the time! (888-508-9197)

Thinking of selling your Nashville chiropractic business? Looking for a broker that offers expertise in marketing and can find the right buyer to build on your hard-earned legacy?

No one knows how to sell a clinic like Progressive Practice Sales! Get the right terms at the right price from a team that understands the industry. Reach out today to start your next chapter. More details at

Practice Matchmaking

Whether you're a prospective buyer or seller, the company's expert brokers help you find your perfect match. 

Progressive Practice Sales brings an 80 to 85% sales success rate for its clients with lead broker Crystal Misenheimer the first and only chiropractic broker to earn the prestigious Certified Business Intermediary designation from the IBBA.

Close Deals In Half The Time

The company works with you to secure optimal sale proceeds and leave your practice in safe hands with favorable terms and deal structures. Progressive Practice Sales guides you through the entire vending and purchasing process, from marketing strategies to helping your business stand out in a crowded marketplace and finding a choice of qualified buyers.

The team helps drive sales to closing points in half the time (around 85 days) of the industry average.

Protect Your Legacy

If you're feeling burnt out with the stress of running a practice but want to preserve the legacy you've created, Progressive Practice Sales can help! The company brings objectivity to every potential sale, helping you assign a price to an asset that likely carries a great deal of emotional significance.

Presentation Materials

The company creates eye-catching, full-color sales presentation materials so that you attract the right kind of buyers. The team spends over 50 hours preparing your clinic for sale so you can get the best possible price for your practice.

Buyer Support

All sales also come with buyer support, helping to reduce apprehension on the part of purchasing parties to ensure that deals are brokered and closed without unnecessary delays. This extends to transparency in clinic listings to eliminate confusion or miscommunication between your buyer or and seller.


Plus, you get expert clinic evaluations to make sure you're getting the maximum price for your business and that buyers are able to access accurate information and a fair deal on their purchase.

“We’re confident that no one else in the industry will care more about your sale, or work harder on your behalf to help you move into the next chapter of your life,” a spokesperson says. “Whether you’re craving more freedom to travel, more time with your loved ones, or just a change in your life direction, we can’t wait to help you take the next step.”

Selling or buying a chiropractic business has never been so easy. Reach out to Progressive Practice Sales today!

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