Child-Friendly Automatic Water Leveling Devices For In-Ground Swimming Pools

Dec 19, 2023

Have you been searching for an easy way to keep your pool levels up and the filter pumps from burning down? Check out My Pool Filler’s latest child safe automatic water leveling devices, which are now available in their shop!

A pool is great to have when you don’t really have to maintain it, but when you do, it can cause a lot of stress, especially if your equipment keeps breaking down. But if you’ve been running a little dry on ideas on how to make your life easier, consider My Pool Filler’s auto-fill water systems, which will take the hassle out of every part of the process, from installation to usage! 

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Worry-Free Devices

By using My Pool Filler’s automatic water leveling devices, you can alleviate the costs associated with excessive water use while ensuring that the equipment remains safe around kids. That's more than what other companies can say, as many conventional fillers contain loosely assembled multiple parts, increasing the possibility of breakage. Additionally, any broken pieces that fall into the water may present hazards, especially to kids who might be tempted to dive in to retrieve them.

No Assembly Required

You don’t have to worry about anything like that with My Pool Filler’s pool-filling systems; they’re completely child-safe, so naturally, that makes them high-unbreakable. To simplify the installation process the company manufactures each of its products as a single unit that does not require any assembly.

And if you still end up breaking one in spite of that, well… since they are made in the USA, it can be repaired instead of replaced. 

Sustainable and Sturdy

Anyway, that’s not the only selling point of these handy devices. My Pool Filler’s newest in-ground automatic filler is compact and made with eco-friendly and corrosion-resistant materials. Unlike previous models, this 2024 edition features stainless steel adjustable rear legs and fittings that are safe to use in freshwater chemical pools and salt pools; it also contains lay-flat feet, allowing it to be positioned on pools with or without coping.

Basically, you can use it with virtually any kind of pool. Heck, you can even use one device for multiple pools if you really want to, since they’re ultra-portable!

Set and Forget

Because the auto-fill system keeps water at a preset level, it will prevent the pool filter pump from burning up due to water loss and maintain adequate levels even in leaking pools. As with all of My Pool Filler’s levelers, the latest product works with any garden hose and will continue operating in your absence, making it suitable for rentals or vacant homes. You’ll be able to go on a long road trip without worrying, thanks to these babies!

About My Pool Filler

My Pool Filler was founded by pool service experts with the goal of providing Americans with safe, reliable devices. The company’s products are manufactured locally and designed based on decades of experience in pool equipment installation and repair. They specialize in pool fillers, in fact. And specialists offer only the best kinds of products for their area of expertise!

Take it from this satisfied customer, who said: “Our pool is older and does not have an auto-fill feature. Every time we went away, we had to hire someone to add water, especially during the hot summer months. This device is simple to install and does a great job. Now we can go on vacation with peace of mind. We highly recommend this product.”

Basically, these devices can be used for any kind of pool with any kind of existing equipment you have. How convenient is that? Make this investment now, and you’ll never have to spend another dime on any other water leveling system. That’s how good these automatic fillers are. 

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