Chesterfield, VA Whole Home Rewire: Improve Efficiency & Property Value

May 29, 2024

Many Chesterfield homes are 25+ years old, so their wiring might no longer be fit-for-purpose. The Go-To Crew Electric (804) 912-6521 provides whole home rewiring to bring your property up to the latest standards.

Improved Efficiency & Safety

Just like anything else, electrical wiring requirements evolve over time, both in terms of safety standards and energy demands. If your home hasn’t had a rewire in decades, chances are it needs attention, and The Go-To Crew Electric can help.

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Energy efficiency and bringing your home up to the latest electrical codes are two of the top priorities of the firm’s rewiring service. The team works in the entire Chesterfield region, including Midlothian and Richmond.

Upgrading your home’s wiring has several extra benefits, including meeting the demands of modern appliances, and increases in sale value. The Go-To Crew Electric will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your home so you understand your options.

“The risks associated with DIY or unprofessional rewiring are significant. Inaccurate wiring can lead to electrical fires, system failures, and even electrocution,” a company representative explained. “Our professional team ensures that your home’s electrical system is safely and efficiently upgraded, aligning with both safety standards and your specific household needs.”

Preserving Local Homes

According to a recent report from the Chesterfield County Government, two-thirds of all single-family homes and half of all townhomes in the region are over 25 years old. Recognizing the age of many neighborhoods, the government has implemented a rehabilitation tax exemption program, which applies to the renovation or replacement of older residential properties.

With the latest announcement, The Go-To Crew Electric offers professional rewiring services that you could include as part of a renovation project. The firm states that the tax exemption program applies to properties that are over 25 years old, but may also apply to homes of between 15 and 25 years in some circumstances. 

About The Go-To Crew Electric

In addition to whole home rewiring, The Go-To Crew Electric offers whole home surge protection, electrical panel installation, EV charger installation, lighting, outlets, and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. All technicians have the most up-to-date certifications, and the firm prides itself on providing upfront and transparent pricing.

“We have been using this company for years, and the work is done perfectly every time,” one client recently stated. “We always call them whenever we need something electrical, because they’re just so reliable.”

Bring your Chesterfield home up to the latest electrical standards with certified rewiring from The Go-To Crew Electric.

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