Chesterfield, VA Electrician Offers Home Electrical Panel Upgrades & Repairs

May 10, 2024

Outdated electrical wiring can be dangerous and wasteful. Call the certified electrical experts at The Go-To Crew Electric (804-912-6521) – they specialize in everything from simple lighting installation to full building rewiring!

Updated electrical wiring and fixtures will not only save you money on your energy bills but also protect your family from the dangers of electrocution, shock, and power surges.

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The Go-To Crew Electric offers residents of Chesterfield and surrounding communities electrical services ranging from simple lighting installations to complete electrical rewiring for an entire home or business.

Electrical Panel Updates

The company's certified team can improve energy efficiency in any building by repairing or updating its electrical panel. This includes a thorough inspection of your existing electrical panel to determine whether a repair or complete replacement is the safest and most efficient solution for you.

EV Charger Installation

Recently purchased or hoping to buy an electric vehicle? The Go-To Crew Electric can easily install electrical vehicle (EV) charging technology at your home or business. They'll integrate your new EV charger seamlessly into the existing electrical system and can also advise you on the safest and most efficient placement and use for this technology.

Surge Protection & Outlet Upgrades

Whole-home surge protection is another specialization of The Go-To Crew's electrical contractor team. With this service, the company can protect your home or business against energy fluctuations or power surges, which can cause significant damage to electronic devices and appliances.

By installing surge protectors, The Go-To Crew can help you avoid having to pay for device and appliance replacements due to such damage and increase the safety of your home.

For other safety-related services, the company can also help with smaller, simpler tasks such as electrical outlet repair, replacement, and installation. On The Go-To Crew's website, you can learn about various signs that indicate the need for an outlet upgrade.

Among the listed signs is the frequent tripping of circuit breakers which may mean your building's current outlets are overloaded and additional outlets are needed. Outlets that are hot to the touch are another sign to look for, as this could suggest a wiring problem that should be addressed to avoid future hazards like sparks or even shocks.

The Go-To Crew Electric Cares

Formerly called Brickhouse Electrical, the company recently underwent a transformation to reinvigorate its commitment to customer service, along with its focus on reliability and providing high-quality electrical work using advanced technologies. As one team member explained, "Your satisfaction is not just a goal; it's our unwavering commitment."

The Go-To Crew maintains a 5-star rating on Birdeye, with reviews from 114 satisfied customers. Improve the safety and efficiency of your home or business and contact them via phone or their simple website contact form!

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