Cherry Creek Personalized Treatment For Acute Injuries & Back Pain Management

Aug 8, 2023

Recovery from sports injuries can be difficult, primarily if doctors treat you as if you’re on a conveyor belt. If you are located in Cherry Creek, CO, and seek highly personalized treatment, Dr. Bovay and his team of physical therapists are what you need.

Outside of an apparent injury, the reason for back pain, neck pain, and other such conditions might not be self-evident. Such pain is annoying; many people ignore it or try to address it with home remedies that don't work. We've all been there.

However, where we haven't all been is Dr. Bovay's practice - KinetikChain. If you are in Cherry Creek, Colorado, and have such problems, you shouldn't hesitate and visit the sports therapy practice today. You can easily book an appointment to get your pain resolved with one-on-one physical therapy for your sports injury.

According to an NIH survey, soccer and football players in both professional and amateur settings have the highest rate of injuries. The most common of them are ankle sprains and muscle strains. Closer to home, the CDC reports a 20 percent uptick in sports-related emergency department visits in Denver, prompting Dr. Bovay and his team to expand their services to serve athletes in the local community.

The KinetikChain Treatment Approach

KinetikChain specializes in working with amateur and professional athletes through their post-surgical rehabilitation. Additionally, therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, and neuromuscular re-education can treat orthopedic conditions and sports injuries.

"In my years of experience, I've realized that standard physical therapy models are often inadequate due to time constraints and cookie-cutter approaches," explains Dr. Bovay, "and a big aspect of that is the inadequate individualization of the treatment."

Dr. Bovay notes that successful physical rehabilitation is more challenging when using one-size-fits-all approaches. He explains that every injury is unique to the patient, so it's crucial to consider their overall health and needs.

In other words, a more holistic and personalized approach to any given physical injury might prove more beneficial than standard reductionist methods. Reductionism is the staple of modern medicine, but treating it as an absolute is not a good idea.

KinetikChain's therapists ensure each patient receives the attention they need and develop highly individualized treatment plans considering their lifestyle, habits, daily routine, overall health status, and past injuries.

Dr. Bovay and his team believe athletes should not have to 'push through' pain or endure a long, complicated journey back to health, fitness, and peak performance. KinetikChain Physical Therapy Denver has developed targeted mobility-building protocols and movement strategies for national and international athletes.

Dr. Bovay's Experience and Expertise

Dr. Bovay has a doctorate in physical therapy from Rockhurst University and founded KinetikChain in Denver to help professional athletes overcome their injuries through extended treatment plans. He holds manual therapy certification (MTC) from the University of St. Augustine and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). His book, 'Adding Insight To Injury: The Ultimate Injury Recovery Guide To Help You Reclaim The Life You Love', is a highly-rated guide to approaching chronic injuries.

You can learn more about the KinetikChain way to prevent and treat sports injuries by visiting

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