Cheektowaga Demolition Contractor Offers Bathroom Gut Out & Debris Removal

Dec 1, 2023

if you’re ready for a fixer-upper but need a reliable demolition contractor to strip down the home to its studs, Mack’s Junk Removal is your guy. Call 716-671-0756 now to get your Cheektowaga home remodeling started.

Ever watched those HGTV Fixer Upper shows and thought, “this is easy-peasy?” Well, the truth is, reality is way trickier.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t strip your home to the studs and rebuild from scratch – it may just require a bit more time and, of course, professional help.

Luckily, the folks at Mack’s Junk Removal offer a safe and efficient way to tear down your home’s interior in preparation for renovation. 

They can help with bathroom, kitchen, and basement demolition projects, carefully dismantling designated areas while preserving the integrity of the remaining structure.

Plus, their services include wall removal and fixture disposal, with the contractor managing each phase of the process, from planning and site preparation to execution. During the demolition process, the contractor strives to minimize inconvenience to neighboring properties.

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Interior demolition, while a necessary part of most remodeling projects, can be complicated and dangerous, as it may expose workers, neighbors, and the environment to hazardous situations and materials. 

With the professional, licensed services from Mack’s Junk Removal, you can be sure that all proper safety procedures are followed.

“Safety is paramount during any demolition process,” says a company representative. “We adhere to strict safety protocols, utilizing proper protective equipment and specialized techniques to prevent accidents and property damage.”

The contractor offers flooring and ceiling removal in addition to their interior demolition service. They also handle and dispose of materials in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, helping you to sort and remove all debris, waste materials, and salvageable items from the site.

Mack’s Junk Removal team goes beyond providing demolition services to helping you obtain relevant permits needed for the demolition. They can also coordinate with utility companies to disconnect services as needed before demolition.

About Mack’s Junk Removal

Mack’s Junk Removal provides homeowners throughout Erie County with affordable and professional junk removal, demolition, and power washing solutions. The company prides itself on its commitment to quality, reflected in the many 5-star ratings from clients.

A satisfied client said, "I am so grateful I was referred to them—service from start to finish. I’m demoing my home, and Neil came and picked up all our garbage from the construction and cleaned our driveway nicely. He was great at communicating and very professional."

Building your dream home begins with having a clean slate (site) to build on. Get professional demolition help when you need it.

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