Check This YouTube Channel With Encouraging Stories Of God’s Healing & Love

May 19, 2023

Listen to uplifting stories of faith and hope with Spoonful of Courage! The Christian devotional YouTube channel is based on a series of books that gives you the support you need to go through life with grace and knowledge of God’s love.

There is a time for joy, a time for sorrow, a time for healing, and a time for faith.

Life can be full of sadness, but know that there is always light and the end of the tunnel.

God is always with us, and especially when we are troubled. If you need a little spoonful of courage for your bad day today, this is for you.

Spoonful of Courage is a YouTube channel that provides Christian encouragement, inspirational stories, short powerful devotions, and interviews with Christian experts.

It originally began as a series of Christian worship books by Dr. Charles W. Page, affectionately called Dr. Chuck. Dr. Chuck is a practicing surgeon in Texas and believes that every single person on Earth is born with a purpose. He started his YouTube channel to provide comfort and solace for all those who feel lost, especially in modern society.

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The YouTube channel contains encouraging stories of faith and hope, all intended to gently remind you that there is always love and grace in the world, despite tragedy. Dr. Chuck speaks from experience: he says that while many people believe that his life as a country surgeon is simple, he has fought his own demons and experienced many setbacks.

Rather than falling into despair, Dr. Chuck turned to God and has never felt alone again. He has developed a methodology for everyday people to navigate life’s inevitable tragedies and triumphs and shares these strategies on his YouTube channel and in his regular newsletter. Further details can be found at

It can become extremely difficult to see the light, especially when our world is full of darkness. But you want to know something? It is during our darkest times that God makes Himself more apparent.

Dr. Chuck describes himself as the “best guy to see on your worst day” and maintains his laid-back but nurturing personality when addressing the public. He understands that many people don’t want to be preached to, and would rather feel like they’re talking to an old friend. Dr. Chuck makes sure that all his content is family-friendly and light-hearted, as much as possible, while still tackling difficult issues.

Dr. Chuck is a Christian author, loving husband to wife Joanna, and doting father of five. He says that it only takes a spoonful of courage to change a person’s life for the better.

His book, Spoonful of Courage, is available in both paperback and Kindle versions

An excerpt from the Spoonful of Courage book reads, "God asks us to take the first step, one requiring a faith response. We trust God will keep his promise, be with us along the way, and help us moment by moment."

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