Check This Moving Checklist For Packing Household Items: Wrapping, Boxing Advice

Dec 5, 2023

Are you dithering over when to start packing? Is it too soon? With this guide from, you can create the perfect packing schedule to suit you.

The moving date has been arranged and you can’t wait to finally hold the keys to your dream home. You’re excited but should you really have packed away every form of cutlery in your kitchen three months ahead of time? If you’re planning on eating takeaway pizza for the next twelve weeks, this might not be a problem, but, for most of us, packing too early is just a hindrance. 

I am sure you neither want to be running around like a headless chicken on moving day, throwing items into random boxes because you failed to get yourself organized. 

So when exactly is the right time to start packing?

In a detailed guide, offers advice on the best time to pack for a property move. As explained by the experts, packing too early can affect your day-to-day living conditions as the items you need aren’t at hand. Ever tried eating spaghetti with your hands? Nightmare! Conversely, packing too late can be very stressful and may result in failure to be ready by moving day. Double nightmare!

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The team explains that each move is different, with packing dates determined by the number of belongings being moved. If you have accumulated a large number of possessions worthy of a stint on the reality show 'Hoarders', then you will need to start packing earlier than your minimalist counterparts. Generally, suggests starting the packing process approximately one month before your move, completing a little at a time. “This way you have plenty of time to sort through your things first to limit the size of your move,’ states the guide. “This will also help you to stay organized and manage your time throughout the process.”

According to a study by Today’s Homeowner, it takes 13 hours to pack up the average household when moving. Therefore, it is vital that you leave yourself enough time to sort, wrap, and box your belongings.

What should I pack first?

Once you have set your packing schedule, you can make use of the guide’s packing checklist to ensure a seamless process. suggests starting with the least used rooms first, leaving the kitchen and bathroom until closer to moving day. So put those knives and forks back - you'll be needing those!

How can I protect my belongings?

Remember to clearly label every box with the contents inside, as well as the intended destination in your new home. This organization helps moving companies provide a quicker, more efficient service, whilst ensuring that you can find items quickly when unpacking after the move. When marking up boxes, it is also important to identify any fragile items and the direction in which the box should be carried, explains the guide.

Finally, the guide recommends sealing the bottom of all your packing boxes with heavy-duty tape to ensure that they don’t break open in transit.

Ensure a stress-free move by following the advice from at

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