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Jul 9, 2017

iWire News publisher John McDermott announced “No Limits Thinking: Human Performance Barriers – Shattered By Design”, the latest installment in “Breaking Through”, his Men’s Essentials Magazine inspirational series. The article features Todd Reichert and Aerovelo’s record-breaking performance for the highest speed in a human-powered vehicle.

John McDermott, Publisher at iWire News, announced the launch of the latest installment in his “Breaking Through” series of articles for Men’s Essentials Magazine. The cover story of the July edition, "No Limits Thinking: Human Performance Barriers - Shattered By Design" describes Todd Reichert’s effort to break the world record for the highest speed in a human-powered vehicle.

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On September 16th, 2016, Todd Reichert reached 89.59 mph (144.17 km/hr) in the custom-designed Aerovelo bicycle, thus establishing the new world record for the highest speed in a human-powered vehicle. This achievement came after a series of efforts by Reichert and Aerovelo to set new standards of innovation and performance in bicycle design, with Reichert also holding the previous record of 86.65 mph.

John McDermott’s article focuses on the importance of this achievement and on the main factors that contributed to it.

The article presents Todd Reichert’s experience with Aerovelo towards developing innovative bicycle designs. The current world record and the past records are thus the result of a strong multidisciplinary collaboration between various enthusiastic experts, with the partnership continuing into the future.

McDermott’s article also announces that the next Aerovelo and Reichert joint project includes the design and development of a state-of-the-art flying car, a collaboration that might involve working with Larry Page of Google.

The article is the latest installment in “Breaking Through”, a series of articles by John McDermott highlighting various inspirational stories. The series is available through Apple iTunes, being featured in Men’s Essentials Magazine.

Focusing on innovation and creativity in areas as diverse as science, fitness and finance, Men’s Essentials Magazine features “inspirational stories and examples of the kind of life that high-performing guys are moved by.”

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