Charleston, WV Digital Marketing: Custom Websites & Online Visibility Content

Jun 26, 2024

Charleston, West Virginia-based XAPP DESIGN has been developing beautiful custom websites for over 20 years, and their new multimedia content service ensures that those websites are found by potential clients.

Boosting Online Visibility

Whether you’re an e-commerce company or a professional services provider, your website plays a critical role in converting leads to sales. However, your website can’t do its job if it’s not visible, which is something that XAPP DESIGN has a unique answer to.

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The leading web design firm now offers human-crafted multimedia content campaigns, telling your story on over 350 high-authority platforms. Your campaign will include news articles, videos, audio pieces, slideshows, and more, and your website will be backlinked on all of them.

As an example, the ‘news article’ portion of your campaign can feature on famous outlets like Business Insider, AP, and Google News. That not only makes Google sit up and take notice, but it also encourages potential clients to click through to your site to find out more.

“Our all-in-one plans include website design, hosting, maintenance, security, SEO tools, reporting and more,” a company representative explained. “Having a high-performing website is a critical part of converting leads to paying clients, but that website also needs to be visible, and that’s what our latest services are designed to achieve.”

Google & Website Authority

A recent leak of thousands of internal Google documents confirmed that the platform does consider ‘website authority’ in its search rankings, something the company had previously denied. In addition, the leak revealed the existence of a whitelist: a manually created selection of websites that the firm considers to be trusted sources of information for specific topics.

As XAPP DESIGN points out, most small business websites don’t enjoy a strong authority rating with Google, which can impact your SEO and overall visibility. The new content marketing solution helps to address this imbalance, featuring your backlinked website on hundreds of high-authority platforms.


Developers of custom websites for over 20 years, XAPP DESIGN remains at the forefront of digital marketing techniques. Website design remains a core focus for the agency, but it is also introducing a range of advanced digital marketing strategies to help you build your online presence.

“I can highly recommend XAPP DESIGN for all your online needs,” one client recently stated. “Sean was a pleasure to work with and took time to explain everything in a way that we could understand. Their pricing is fair, and they follow through on everything they say they will do.”

An effective website not only needs to be well designed, it also needs to be visible. XAAP DESIGN can help with both.

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