Change your website to provide a better user experience to increase your revenue

Mar 19, 2020

MOS Creative has made magnificent changes to Lab Recyclers platform that quickly engage customers due to a simple User Interface resulting in higher sales.

Nowadays people are using internet all the time. They visit tens of sites every day and thousands every year. All business should be on the internet, but having a website that will really be user friendly and easily to navigate is not as simple as it seems.

MOS Creative is the company that successfully delivers all these features to their clients. The company has huge experience in developing digital and physical marketing assets, Android and iOS apps, landing pages, websites for leading local and international startups, businesses, nonprofits, and healthcare organizations.

The MOS Creative team created a vibrant redesign made in the spirit of products that do not overpower visitors for Lab Recycles, Inc. They rethought and enhanced the frontend for both desktop and mobile versions, having made it more user-friendly, interactive and enthralling. The user experience was also enhanced and magnified to meet the crowd.

The updated site can be checked here:

Every portion of content can be quickly scanned and read due to its neat spacing. What’s more, it is also responsive, so that visitors can enjoy sifting through used lab equipment on mobile devices.

The Lab Recyclers’ new website erupts with a vast amount of energy, colorful vibe, and geometric appeal. It is based on quick and easy search results due to an up to date filtering system that is not only visually appealing but also attention-grabbing.

As befits, both the sidebar menu as well as the breadcrumbs assist users in moving around effortlessly, while the central part showcases the relevant information into digestible fragments. The practical tone makes it so visitors can flawlessly cope with the wide variety of images and text.

Being highly populated with images and visuals, it still offers users a comfortable, effective environment with intuitive navigation that does not sacrifice user experience and excellent readability.

Professionals who need help with Conversion Optimization, E-commerce, Marketing Automation, SEO, UX/UI, Responsive Web Development in a budget and time frames are invited to review the case study online directly:

For more information about technology and marketing solutions please feel free to contact MOS Creative team 410-878-7482 (Monday thru Friday 9 am - 5 pm).

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