Certified Breath Coach Training: Study Online Through Live Sessions & Practicums

Nov 16, 2023

NeuroDynamic Institute’s next Breathwork Facilitator Training course is scheduled to start on March 2, 2024. Spots are filling up quickly, so enroll now!

If you are interested in breathwork, you are undoubtedly familiar with the work of breathwork giant and consciousness-changer Michael Stone.

If you are not, Michael Stone is best known as the pioneer of the NeuroDynamic Breathwork™; a now widely accepted and influential form of breathwork. Now, lucky breathwork enthusiasts like you have the opportunity to study with his online center, NeuroDynamic Institute. In the upcoming March 2024 session of NeuroDynamic Institute’s breathwork facilitator teacher training program, you can expect to master this unique breathwork modality and gain the skills required to become a breathwork coach employing NeuroDynamic Breathwork™. 

Go to https://breathworkonline.com/breathwork-facilitator-teacher-training-program/ to find out more.

NeuroDynamic Institute announced the March program of their breathwork facilitator training shortly after their September session commenced. As each course runs live over six months, the institute only runs courses consecutively so that each cohort has the same quality of instruction and has the same access to founder Michael Stone’s wisdom.  

Over the course of six months of both live and self-directed study, you will learn about the NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ modality from the man who developed it. You will also learn how to become a teacher of this modality in your own right, and—over the institute’s comprehensive 350-hour program—will also be instructed by other renowned breathwork facilitators. Another key part of their teacher training program is the opportunity it gives you to practice your skills in a combination of in-person and online practicums. 

What NeuroDynamic Institute feels distinguishes their course—aside from Michael Stone’s innovative form of breathwork—is its focus on personal development. Having now taught this program to hundreds of students, the institute knows that their personal development course component will empower you with the reflective intrapersonal and interpersonal skills you will need to become a true breathwork leader. 

If you complete the March 2024 program, you will receive a recognized certification as a breathwork facilitator. 

A spokesperson for Michael Stone and his team of breathwork practitioners at NeuroDynamic Institute said, “This is not merely an informational, but also a transformational program. You will not only receive a comprehensive training which will allow you to confidently facilitate breathwork workshops both online and offline, but also a cutting-edge personal development program. Past students tell us this program not only prepared them to lead workshops, but in many cases also transformed their relationships and life quality.” 

As the September session filled several weeks before it commenced, NeuroDynamic Institute encourages you to sign up promptly to secure your place and take your first step towards your new life as a breathwork teacher.

Visit https://breathworkonline.com/breathwork-facilitator-teacher-training-program/ if you’d like to enroll in this life-changing course.

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