Cellular Transformation Healing Gains Recognition By The Wider Medical Community Following Jennifer Hanson’s Ground Breaking Work

Jul 27, 2017

Cellular Transformation, a unique and very effective healing modality developed by Jennifer Hanson, is gaining recognition by the wider medical community. Jennifer has shared her reflections & thoughts in an interview where she expressed her delight to be collaborating with medical professionals around the world.

Cellular Transformation is a unique and highly successful healing modality developed by Jennifer Hanson and now her work is quickly gaining recognition by the Integrative Medical Community.

Jennifer has dedicated her life to transforming cellular memory for the last fourteen years. She is now widely acknowledged as an exceptional speaker and international healer, conducting workshops and private sessions not only in the USA but as far afield as Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, Germany and Austria.

Her healing methods work to transform an individual’s cellular memories, traumatic memories that have created deep emotional issues and in many cases also caused physical pain and chronic illness.

According to Jennifer: "The key to successful healing is to transform at the emotional/feeling level. It is not a classroom where you sit back with paper and pen and take notes. There is no pre-planned agenda, no projector screen and for the most part no technique. The transmission of light and wisdom that pours through during her workshops and sessions is not something you ‘get’ with your intellect alone. It speaks to the mind of every cell in your body. In Cellular Transformation you feel the truth, the light, the healing, the love and the transformation"

Dr. Tim Hlavinka had this to say about Jennifer Hanson:

The Power of Cellular Transformation

Also said of her work: “The driving force behind Jennifer’s success is her remarkable gift of bringing through transformational healing energies. She has a unique talent for bringing religious, spiritual and mystical traditions into a fresh, accessible context”

Reflecting on the recognition Jennifer is quoted as saying: “I am delighted to be collaborating with medical doctors and graduates around the world. Our work integrates my motivational and healing methods with their conventional therapies to create a new and powerful way to address physical and emotionally challenging issues”

In the same interview she stated her intentions for the future: Jennifer’s primary goal for the next 12 months is to further develop and strengthen her ties with the conventional medical profession.

Looking further ahead, she is planning a book launch. With Cellular Transformation becoming a universally accepted healing method it will enable her to reach out to a wider audience.

Jennifer closed the interview with the comment: “I have committed my life’s work to understanding the universal language of energy – a cutting edge field of study which incorporates epigenetics, cellular memory, psychology, meditation, consciousness and prayer”

Further information can be found at http://www.jenniferhanson.org

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