Celebration, FL Best Flat Fee, Zero-Commission Realtor Services For Home Sellers

May 30, 2024

Live in Celebration, FL and thinking of selling your home? Then check out Ziro Realty for a zero-commission, flat-rate solution. Call 407-669-9476 to book your free consultation.

Intelligent real estate for the modern age. That's Ziro Realty's (unofficial) motto. In other words, selling your home in 2024 should be quick, painless, and affordable. Ziro Realty does exactly that by offering home sellers in Celebration, FL a zero-commission, flat-rate solution. For the low cost of $4,000, Ziro Realty will sell your home and cover listing expenses, agent photos, signage, and marketing!

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How Much Can You Save?

$399,807—that's the average price of a Florida home. 

But that number is much higher for properties in Central Florida. 

Here's how average home prices breakdown by city: 

  • Kissimmee: $409,000
  • Clermont: $ 441,093
  • Celebration: $525,000

So if you sold your home through a traditional broker, you'd have to pay a commission of $11,970 on the average $399,000 property, or...

  • $12,270 in Kissimmee
  • $13,230 in Clermont
  • $15,750 in Celebration

But with Ziro Realty, you only pay a flat rate of $4,000. That translates to a savings of $7,970 on the average home, and...

  • $8,270 for a home in Kissimmee
  • $9,230 for a home in Clermont
  • $11,750 for a home in Celebration

As for luxury homes above $1 million, you stand to save $26,000 or more!

What Do You Get With Ziro Realty?

Flat rate. Fat savings. That's Ziro Realty's other (unofficial) motto.

For a flat rate of $4,000, Ziro Realty will handle everything, including contracts, negotiations, scheduling, signs, photos, and listing your property on thousands of websites.

Besides its essential services, Ziro Realty also offers extras like professional photography, drone video, home staging, custom property websites, virtual tours, and more. 

These optional services are available on-demand and are billed at cost, with zero markups to the customer.

As a spokesperson for the company states:

"Ziro Realty leverages technology to unbundle real estate transactions. This allows consumers to purchase only the services they want and on-demand, saving them thousands of dollars on every transaction."

Should You Pay The Buyer Commission?

Ziro Realty doesn't charge commissions, but it still recommends paying the 3% fee to buyer agents when listing a home. 

This ensures that the seller's property is shown on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which is a comprehensive national database with detailed information on properties for sale. 

Here are just some of the advantages of listing your home on MLS:

  • It widens the pool of potential buyers to different states
  • It includes vital information about your property (e.g. price, # of bedrooms, amenities)
  • It increases exposure by giving agents access to data, photos, and videos of your property

So while paying the 3% commission fee to buyer agents isn't mandatory, it's still a good idea.

About Ziro Realty

Located in Celebration, FL, Ziro Realty is a no-commission real estate marketplace. Their goal is to tackle the broad inefficiencies of the country's $2 trillion real estate industry through technology, transparency, and a simple flat-fee payment structure.

As one couple puts it: "We sold our Orlando home with Ziro Realty and saved $21,000. Zero commission is awesome!"

Ready to sell and save? Then head over to https://zirorealty.com

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