Carmel, IN Roof Inspection & Repair For Damaged & Missing Asphalt Shingles

Apr 27, 2023

Call Impact Roofing – Carmel (877-977-4672) if you want a strong roof over your head.

The importance of having a sound roof over your head cannot be overstated. Yet storms, high winds, fallen branches, and temperature changes can all wreak havoc on your home’s main protective feature. And yes, just like us, roofs are susceptible to aging.

So, if you’ve got missing shingles, damp, water stains, or other problems in the attic, it's time you gave this roofing company a call!

With extensive knowledge of different roofing systems, Impact Roofing - Carmel will diagnose and solve your problems - however big or small!

They’re so good that they offer a manufacturer’s, installation, and satisfaction guarantee. And you can even get financing to spread the cost of repairs.

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As Indiana’s peak tornado season approaches, the company provides you with comprehensive roofing services to protect your property from the elements and repair wind and hail damage.

As a new customer, you’ll receive a free thorough roof inspection to check for damaged and missing shingles and other leak sources. Impact Roofing - Carmel will also detect ventilation deficiencies and damaged flashing and pipe boots - the waterproof sealing for a roof’s features and protrusions.

According to a WRTV Indianapolis report, Indiana experiences an average of 22 tornadoes per year. The number of tornadoes tends to peak in May and June and starts to taper off later in the summer. The report notes that although 70% of Indiana’s tornadoes are considered to be weak, they can cause property damage.

Impact Roofing - Carmel engages in repair and maintenance work on all levels, from fixing leaks to repairing storm damage and completing emergency roof replacements. They can also assist you with roof insurance claims.

The company’s common repairs include fixing or replacing displaced asphalt shingles. When left unaddressed, this can cause water to enter the roof decking and damage a property’s walls and insulation. The contractors will also address shrinkage caused by the roof’s protective membrane shortening or tearing due to moisture or temperature changes. Furthermore, Impact Roofing - Carmel will remedy clogged gutters, remove mold and algae, and fix problems caused by bad installation.

Customers that need a roof replacement can choose from materials such as shingles, tiles, metal, EPMD rubber, and stone. As the company notes, roofs eventually need to be replaced due to age. Frequent repairs, a sagging roof line, and high energy bills are signs that a replacement is needed.

For over 30 years, Impact Roofing - Carmel has served residential and commercial customers throughout Indiana. With its in-depth understanding of different roof types, the company has been praised for its ability to diagnose and implement solutions to roofing problems on every scale.

A satisfied customer said: “I had some damage from recent wind on my roof. I was referred to Impact Roofing by a friend and have been extremely pleased with their service. They were prompt, and professional, and took care of my repair to avoid further damage. I highly recommend this company.”

For a strong and striking roof that you can look up to, call Impact Roofers - Carmel today at 877-977-4672!

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