Carlisle Lasting Power Of Attorney Guidance With Home Visit, No Solicitor Needed

Apr 17, 2024

Are you worried what will happen if you lose mental capacity through stroke or dementia? Call LPA Now (+44-333-696-5858) for expert guidance, helping you to sure up your lasting power of attorney!

Did you know that you can sure up your lasting power of attorney without going to a solicitor? It can be much more affordable this way – but to ensure you don't make any mistakes and everything runs smoothly, it's worth talking to a specialist like LPA Now.

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Options tailored to you

LPA Now offers two options: application by home visit, or through the post. The home visit option begins at £195 and involves the team taking details over the phone, before arranging an in-person signing. At £95, the postal option is more affordable but may take longer because documents will need to be posted to you for signing.

Lasting power of attorney allows you or your loved ones to appoint one or more attorneys to make decisions, and it's especially important in cases of dementia, coma, or stroke, as they're the most likely cause of loss of mental capacity. With University College London suggesting that dementia rates are rising - they could be 42% higher than expected by 2040 - LPA Now is raising awareness of its program, helping you avoid the dangers of not having a dedicated attorney in place.

Secure your future

LPA Now explains that contrary to popular belief, as a spouse or civil partner, you do not automatically have the authority to pay bills, access bank accounts, or make healthcare decisions for your loved ones.

This is why taking the time to appoint an attorney is increasingly beneficial, the firm explains. An LPA Now consultant can guide you through this process, ensuring the LPA is tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Accessible help & guidance

LPA Now is a division of Beechwood Solutions Ltd, a company that has been providing document signing services to solicitors across the UK since 2004, and their goal is to make the process more accessible and affordable for the general public.

A spokesperson states: "It’s important to help prepare you and your family members in the best possible way for potentially transferring the power to make decisions on your behalf. Giving your attorneys the power to manage your health and care as well as your property and financial affairs shouldn’t be dispensed with as a simple box-ticking exercise at the last possible moment."

Dementia can be a frightening prospect at the best of times. Don't worry yourself about anything else – talk to LPA Now today!

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