Car Top Tents for Comfort and Quick Set-up | Tear-Resistant Weatherproof Designs

Nov 26, 2021

For casual campers and survivalists alike, Survivalist HQ has released their new line of car top tents to keep you off the ground, safe, dry, and bug-free on your next outing.

Car top tents are the solution to all your camping woes, and you won’t be able to go back once you try them. Suspended from the roof rack of any car and optimized for quick storage, these tents will make you love your next trip, no matter the weather.

To see all that these tents can offer, visit

Survivalist HQ is offering these car top tents alongside their state-of-the-art insulated line of sleeping bags and other gear. All SHQ products adhere to a high standard of quality, and the tents are no exception.

These camping solutions come at a time when camping is steadily growing in popularity in the US. Studies show that in 2020, 10 million households tried camping for the first time during the pandemic, many of which are from demographics that historically have shown little interest in the pastime. These studies also show that interest is unlikely to go down any time soon.

With this in mind, Survivalist HQ is welcoming the new influx of campers with open arms. These high-quality tents are composed of poly-cotton tear-resistant canvas and can reportedly withstand rough treatment, making them a good choice for beginners and hardcore campers alike.

The tents are also made to resist the elements, with a built-in weather awning and zip-on annex, as well as super-fine insect screens, they are designed to withstand whatever nature may throw at them. By keeping the camper off the ground, the tent provides additional protection against moisture and wildlife, providing safety and comfort to the camper inside.

With a 15% discount on all car top tents and free shipping, Survivalist HQ seems determined to sweeten the deal. Try to imagine yourself fast asleep in these comfortable, stylish tents, and you surely won’t be able to resist purchasing one right away!

Survivalist HQ is a trusted supplier of all things tactical, from weaponry to all-weather camping gear. Their products are rigorously tested and designed by field experts to ensure the highest quality standards are met. They are committed to providing high-utility gear that will function when needed most.

Don’t waste any more time sleeping on the ground, visit and “elevate” your camping experience!

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