Car Dealerships Can Lower Expenses & Boost Profits With Bill Savings Platform!

Feb 8, 2024

To help your business thrive, Recession Resister has announced their Bill Saver program, designed to help you lower costs and save money.

What if I told you that you can start saving money every month on utility costs for your car dealership, without making any changes to your service plans? With the Bill Saver platform from Recession Resister - you can do exactly that, and watch your profit margins boom!

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The expense savings tool lets you negotiate better rates for regular services, including internet, telecommunications, electric, gas, water, waste management, and merchant processing.

The platform is designed to support your business in cutting back on financial waste and improving profit margins in a time of growing economic uncertainty.

Regain Financial Control

A recent report from Forbes shows that car dealerships across the United States often struggle to make ends meet, due to rising overhead costs, changes to consumer preferences, and an ongoing trend towards online purchasing. Recession Resister’s team of financial professionals has created Bill Saver as a way for you to regain a sense of control over your expenditures and profit margins.

“Bill Saver gives you the simplest way to lower your overhead costs,” explains a company spokesperson. “Our smart technology and team of trained negotiation experts work to make sure you’re not being overcharged.”

Get Reductions & Refunds

The service includes bill auditing, in which the Bill Saver team will analyze your previous spending patterns to find possible rate reductions or - in many cases - refunds. Audited areas of expenditure include water/sewer, natural gas, and trash/refuse.

With years of experience in negotiating competitive rates, Bill Saver’s trained professionals will contact your service providers - including security, pest control, payroll, and water delivery - to obtain lower rates without any change to services.

Maximize Energy Efficiency

They’ll also set up an energy auto-switching plan, so that your business accounts are transferred automatically if cheaper rates are identified. Additionally, the team reviews large appliances to ensure that they are energy-efficient.

Finally, Bill Saver includes customized advice on employee retention methods and tax strategies, as well as help with reducing merchant processing fees. A satisfied Bill Saver client says, “Bill Saver has saved my business thousands of dollars so far on our electricity, telecommunications, and internet bills. I couldn’t be happier, because I’m able to take that money and reinvest it into the business to help me expand.”

Sign up for Bill Saver today and start watching your savings roll in!

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