Cancun’s Anit-Obesity and Weight Loss Surgery Center Celebrates 10 years in Business

Jun 14, 2017

AntiObesityCenter is celebrating its 10 Years year anniversary and reveals some of its big wins and challenges it faced getting this far. More information on the business can be found at

Anti-Obesity Center in Cancun, Mexico is celebrating their 10 year anniversary, which commemorates 10 good and prolific years, with a slow but steady growth over that period in business. This is a huge milestone for the Cancun, Mexico based Anti-obesity clinic, which has provided Healthcare to patients from Mexico, USA, Canada and from around the world since 2007.

Anti-Obesity Center got it's start in 2007 when founder Jorge Treviño saw a huge lack of high quality healthcare and especially in obesity control in Cancun, gastric sleeve surgery in Cancun Mexico as well as gastric bypass surgery mexico. One of the earliest challenges Anti-Obesity Center faced was trying to position the company in the healthcare and medical tourism spaces as a recognized and trusted provider for anti-obesity care in Mexico.

While every business of course faces challenges, some, like Anti-Obesity Center are fortunate enough to enjoy real successes, wins and victories too. Once such victory came when Dr Treviño was invited to be on the international congress in Mexico as an expert speaker and healthcare provider.

Maria Jose Oy, Patients Coordinator at AntiObesityCenter was also quoted when discussing another big win. “One of the high points of Anti-Obesity Center's history so far was having top renown bariatric sugeons from other parts of the world to come and visit the clinic and review the services provided for medical tourism in Cancun.”

Anti-ObesityCenter's Founder, Dr. Jorge Treviño says “We're delighted to be celebrating our 10 yearr anniversary. One of the real secrets to getting this far in business today is consistency, high quality care with advanced technology and skills, providing state of the art health care for everyone”.

Anti-ObesityCenter currently consists of 10 employees and has big plans for the upcoming year. One of their core objectives is to expand and offer more services to people from the United States and Canada looking to save by having procedures done in Cancun vs. having them done at home. They continue to offer state of the art facilities and care for the patients ( both local and foreign). Anti-obesity Center plans to become a world recognized organization known as the top obesity control center in the Southern region of Mexico. Lastly to achieve highest quality standards for the well-being of each patient. In the next 10 years to be the go to resource for weight loss surgeries in Mexico being a self-sustained and successful organization.

AntiObesityCenter would also like to thank friends, customers and all its partners for their well wishes on this happy occasion.

More information on the business can be found at

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