Can I Get ERTC As A Self Employed Business Owner? Free Qualification Checks

Jul 3, 2023

As a self-employed business owner, have you assumed you cannot claim ERTC funding? Wouldn’t you like to be 100% sure before disregarding the $26,000 per employee you could be owed? Double-check your eligibility with ERC Scope’s free pre-qualification test.

When it comes to government programs, we often assume the worst. But we all know what they say about assuming, and the Employee Retention Tax Credit funding is a very real and very valuable program that you shouldn’t disregard. And if that doesn’t persuade you to at least check it out, then ERC Scope’s free pre-qualification checking service will.

The test allows you to quickly check if your self-employed business is owed any money from the government’s employee retention tax credit program as well as receive further application guidance should you qualify.

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As a CPA firm dedicated to providing business owners like you with ERTC support, the company’s team can assist you with submitting an application for the maximum amount you can claim, as well as providing all the necessary documentation.

With the deadline for submitting an employee tax retention credit application coming closer, you are running out of time to make a claim. Furthermore, as a self-employed SMB owner, you may outsource or have limited access to accounting support, so finding accountants who are knowledgeable in the program to check and audit your claim is crucial for making a successful application. That’s why ERC Scope developed a pre-qualification test to coincide with their application support services for SMBs.

Using the company’s test, you can discover if your SMB could be owed money based on questions relating to the number of employees you had between March 2020 and September 2021. The questionnaire can be completed within one minute and is available with no obligations or charges.

ERC Scope also highlights that, despite common misconceptions, if your business previously received funding, such as PPP payments during the pandemic, it may still be eligible for the ERTC program.

If you qualify for the ERTC program, you can then arrange for a consultation with one of ERC Scope’s team who can discuss the next stages for making an application. This includes the gathering and updating of relevant paperwork for submission, as well as providing you with audit-proof documentation should your business need them for IRS checks in the future.

The company’s application support services are available with no upfront costs, so you only pay a fee should the team be successful in obtaining your funding.

A spokesperson for ERC Scope said, “We want to help SMBs to recuperate the money that was set aside for them by the government to help their finances recover from the pandemic.”

Don’t assume you aren’t eligible for ERTC funding and take ERC Scope’s free one-minute pre-qualification test today!

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