Camarillo Sleep Disorder Center Offers EPAP Device, Mask-Free CPAP Alternative

Jul 10, 2024

CPAP machines are loud and heavy. They also make it hard for our partners to sleep peacefully. You can get silent sleep apnea treatment by receiving Bongo Rx therapy at the Southern California Pulmonary and Sleep Disorders Medical Center (+1-805-557-9930).

Obstructive sleep apnea can harm nearly every aspect of your life. It can increase your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure while fatiguing you on a daily basis. Despite all these issues, some patients avoid treatment because CPAP devices are such an imposition on themselves and their families.

To help Ventura County patients treat their obstructive sleep apnea without having to deal with frustrating CPAP masks and machines, the clinic offers an FDA-cleared treatment that utilizes silicone nasal pillows known as Bongo Rx.

Get quiet sleep apnea therapy

The National Library of Medicine evaluated 82 different CPAP studies that encompassed a twenty-year timeframe, finding that over 34% of patients do not adhere to CPAP usage requirements - with many abandoning the device altogether. As obstructive sleep apnea is such a dangerous condition, Bongo Rx therapy can be an easy-to-wear solution for patients who struggle with consistent CPAP usage.

Electricity-Free OSA Treatment

The Bongo Rx device, which appears similar to nose plugs, is placed in the nasal openings. It contains miniature valves that open when a wearer inhales during their sleep, leading to normal breathing. Upon exhalation, the valves direct air through vents to create Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure, reducing the negative effects of obstructive sleep apnea.

Unlike a CPAP device, Bongo Rx does not require any electricity. The Southern California Pulmonary and Sleep Disorders Medical Center also explains that it can be used as a supplement to CPAP usage, as patients can rely on their mask at home while taking the nasal pillows while traveling or camping instead of having to bring their machine, humidifier, hose, and batteries.

Cleared by the FDA, the Bongo Rx is entirely created and crafted in the United States. The device can be simply cleaned at home with soap and water for repeat usage.

Another Powerful CPAP Alternative

The sleep clinic offers another effective CPAP alternative known as Inspire Therapy, which is an implantable device that works from within the body. It stimulates movement of the tongue and other muscles that block airways, leading to a reduction in OSA symptoms.

About the Acclaimed OSA Center

The Southern California Pulmonary and Sleep Disorders Medical Center is led by double-board-certified physician Dr. Ronald Popper. The Center itself has earned full accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine since 1985.

A longtime patient of the clinic said the following about their experience, “I started going to Doctor Popper's office many years ago when my doctor recommended I do a sleep study testing for sleep apnea. On my first sleep study, I had high anxiety and was very worried about sleeping away from home. However, the technician was very competent, as well as very calming, which helped to alleviate my anxiety. I'm very pleased with all the help Dr. Popper has given me all these years.”

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