Call West Texas Injury Attorneys After Oilfield Accidents For Claim Assistance

Jul 24, 2023

If you’ve been injured in an oil field catastrophe, ally with those who know your rights. Reyna Law Firm can see that you receive ample compensation for your pain and suffering in West Texas. Call 432-232-5183 now.

Oil field workers often risk injury to make a living - but who’s responsible for their working conditions? In cases of negligence, why should innocent victims pay? They shouldn’t - and you shouldn’t.

Reyna Law Firm is here to enhance access throughout the Permian Basin region to legal services centered on oilfield injuries and resulting damage claims. Its Odessa office is centrally located for assistance - so if you’ve sustained serious harm at local oil refineries, call its attorneys now.

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Reports of workplace accidents in the oil industry remain relatively high, with oil extraction teams subjected to inherently dangerous working conditions. The risk of explosions, gas blowouts, and chemical exposure is heavily prevalent on oil fields. That’s why Reyna Law Firm provides legal services to help you and your family pursue monetary compensation.

Liability for oilfield-related injuries often falls squarely on employers. Reyna Law Firm warns that in many cases, safety standards either aren't adhered to or aren’t put into place by those responsible for your welfare. Accordingly, the firm's services involve investigations on the part of its attorneys whereby they look for the cause of your workplace accident.

Since oil suppliers are often responsible in employee injury cases, notes Reyna Law Firm, settlement offers frequently follow. Yet, its lawyers advise, such figures need to account for your immediate injuries as well as any long-term financial ramifications. As such, its services also extend to settlement appraisals as well as negotiations for higher sums.

Given the time-consuming nature of filing injury claims, it can be tough to initiate proceedings on top of trying to recover. Reyna Law Firm understands this, which is why it offers its services to relieve you and your family of the laborious burden associated with the process. How? Its attorneys will largely handle complex paperwork and more independently - so you don’t have to.

In the event that your case advances to court proceedings, Reyna Law Firm’s services also cover courtroom representation - all on a no-win, no-fee basis. Using evidence accumulated through its overarching investigations, its lawyers target amounts that appropriately reflect your medical expenses and lost wages.

Headed by practiced personal injury attorney JR Reyna, Reyna Law Firm puts itself in a position to aid injured victims throughout Western Texas. In addition to Odessa, the firm now offers its new oil field injury claim services in El Paso, McAllen, and other statewide offices.

Oil field accidents can be devastating - and your compensation needs to account for that.

Wherever you are across Texas, visit to learn more about Reyna Law Firm and its various practice areas.

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