Call On This Milford, NE Local Contractors For Sandblasting & Painting Service

Nov 26, 2021

Need efficient sandblasting and painting services? Call this Milford, Nebraska surface restoration company at +1-402-761-1993 for a free price quotation, or visit their website for additional information. Whether big or small, on-site or off-site, their facilities can handle any project size, regardless of the location.

Protective coatings ensure asset surfaces continue to perform reliably over the years. It also gives your products or projects a smooth and fresh look. So when it comes to surface finishing, you should always go for the best. It’s not the time to say yes to anyone or hop on YouTube for DIY videos. Of course, it’ll save you money; but it can put you at risk. 

Thankfully, Wissmann Enterprise Inc. gives you the perfect finishing at a fraction of its cost. The company just announced the opening of its industrial-sized paint booth and blasting shop to help customers with their projects, from large to small in size. It guarantees your 100% satisfaction with prompt services with competitive pricing.

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Proper surface preparations ensure the integrity and longevity of mission-critical assets. But sandblasting could be life-threatening if adequate safety measures are not in place. With this announcement, you can now rely on experts for surface finishing and protection. 

The A+ Better Business Bureau rated family-run company has about 37 years of experience executing over 2,000 projects. The newly opened state-of-the-art paint booth and blasting shop can handle any project size or type. The facilities are fully equipped to ensure you get your required surface finishes. 

The company will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. They treat customers with respect while maintaining exceptional character and quality. You can count on them for the highest level of service. Their website allows you to upload your projects’ photos for a free price estimate.

Additionally, asset integrity specialists offer on-site blasting and painting services. Their mobile rig provides on-premises surface protection and professional finishing for small and large projects, saving you the stress of moving heavy-duty equipment around.

The fully licensed and insured local contractors’ portable rigs can pull into any location and efficiently roll hoses for safe and long-lasting media blasting and painting. The company provides mobile restoration services for liquid storage tanks, pools, trailers, steel structures, and concrete joint reconditioning projects.

With this announcement, Wissmann Enterprise Inc. restates its longstanding commitment to providing 100% guaranteed and efficient solutions to clients in Milford, Nebraska, and the surrounding areas. The customer-focused company offers multiple support channels to ensure a fast response rate.

A company representative stated: “We have provided professional expertise with media blasting and liquid coatings for individuals, businesses, and corporations in the Midwest since 1986. Our mobile and shop services are set up to handle all project sizes. Our experience, exceptional customer service, and a motivated team set us apart.”

Ready for a hassle-free sandblasting and painting experience? Call +1-402-761-1993 for a free quote, or visit if you need more information.

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