Call Mobile, AL Trailer Mechanics For Advanced Maintenance & Repair Services!

Sep 1, 2022

Need trailer repairs? Get the problem fixed by those who know what they’re doing – call Mobile’s own Gulf City Body & Trailer Works at +1-251-438-5521 now!

Call Mobile, AL Trailer Mechanics For Advanced Maintenance & Repair Services!

When your trusty trailer has issues, you want only the best to provide repairs. Trust the expert mechanics at Mobile’s Gulf City Body & Trailer Works to treat your trailer right.

They’re here to improve access throughout Mobile to trailer servicing options in aid of the local trucking industry. As a full-service trucking hub, the company works to provide trailer service programs that can swiftly meet even your trickiest demands.

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The long-established tanker and trailer professionals present a modernized line of repair and maintenance services in Mobile. Designed in accordance with the continuing evolution of current trailer makes and models, Gulf City Body & Trailer Works offers you the assistance of its specialist mechanical team - keeping your vehicular equipment in proper working condition.

As advised by the regional service technicians, its company is able to perform repair work on all currently-used trailers as well as fuel tankers and flatbeds. Typical tasks that they carry out include aluminum or stainless welding, parts installation, axle repair, and hydraulics work. Whatever you need, they’re the ones to call!

Gulf City Body & Trailer Works points to its advanced service facility as a vital advantage for you as a trailer owner, enabling its team to provide mechanical solutions to major and minor issues. As a member of both NTEA and NTTC, the company stocks an expansive inventory of branded trailer parts for usage in restorative trailer care.

Further operating in service of Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and the Florida Panhandle in addition to Alabama, Gulf City Body & Trailer Works brings your Mobile community its full trailer repair capabilities. Outside of its repair and maintenance programs, the company also provides you with a range of new or used trailers and equipment as well as rental options.

“Much has changed in the trucking industry since Gulf City Body & Trailer Works first opened its doors over six decades ago,” says a company spokesperson. “We were in tune with your trailer then - and we are still in tune today. We have a team of trained mechanics who are continually upgrading their skills to perform the work today’s complex trucks and trailers require.”

You can call Gulf City Body & Trailer Works at its Alabama locations over the phone or submit an inquiry on its official website for your convenience.

Your business depends on the reliability of your trailer - these mechanics are here to make sure your downtime is over in no time.

If you’re in or around Mobile, check out to find out more about Gulf City Body & Trailer Works and the services you need!

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