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Aug 21, 2023

Hurt in an Uber or Lyft accident? You have options for getting the compensation you deserve – call the personal injury professionals at Reyna Law Firm in Dallas at 682-251-1981 now.

Uber and Lyft are supposed to get you from A to B without issue, but if an accident has happened, you’re not stranded. Reyna Law Firm is ready to help with any legal avenues you wish to pursue… including ample compensation for your injuries.

The number of accidents suffered by ride-sharing passengers and drivers alike throughout the DFW area continues to rise. As people grow more reliant on platforms such as Uber and Lyft for transport and food delivery, more motorists are driving on Dallas’ already busy roads.

Have you been hurt in a resulting collision? Call on Reyna Law Firm.

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Its services are specially tailored to provide fitting aid for car accident victims like you, no matter whether you were using a ride-sharing app at the time or were hit by an Uber or Lyft driver. Your case is unique, and Reyna Law Firm will treat it as such.

It’s a given that you expect safe driving when you use a ride-sharing program - that’s a major reason you rely on them in the first place. Yet, Uber and Lyft drivers are susceptible to the same distractions or dangers as any other motorist - with crashes causing serious injuries and even wrongful deaths.

In the words of a Reyna Law Firm spokesperson: “When we pay for Uber or Lyft services, we expect safety first. Unfortunately, passengers are injured every month in ride-sharing accidents as a result of a reckless driver’s actions or another vehicle operator’s negligence.”

As a specialist in catastrophic injury law, the firm’s lead attorney JR Reyna advises that the medical consequences of vehicle accidents can be severe. Reyna Law Firm has dealt with cases involving victims who’ve suffered cervical injuries, broken bones, and traumatic head injuries. As such, its personal injury services are designed to help you fund your treatment and therapy.

After comprehensive investigative work to determine how and why your accident occurred, Reyna Law Firm looks to assign fault - a crucial legal aspect in Texas. Those deemed liable for vehicular collisions are responsible for compensating anyone injured as a result of their actions or inaction. For you, winning such monetary awards is a matter of grave urgency.

Accordingly, Reyna Law Firm sets out to value your damage claim by considering evidence of physical harm, mental anguish, or lost employment opportunities. With this information, its attorneys pursue maximum settlements from insurance providers or through litigation in line with your rights.

“JR Reyna is a true professional,” said one recent client. “Performance matters - and he gets the job done.”

Ready to book a case review? Go to Reyna Law Firm’s official website and set up your consultation.

Its attorneys will assess your claim and lay out your options. Completely confidential, and there’s no charge. If you decide to proceed, your case will be in safe hands.

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