Calgary Orthodontist Clinic Announces NewTeeth Realignment & Other Services

Nov 14, 2016

Holistic Calgary general dental clinic Friends & Family Dental Health announced the launch of its speed braces in Calgary SE. The treatments include an invisible tooth alignment tray called Invisialign and a well-established speed braces treatment. Other dental services are also available by appointment.

Friends & Family Dental Health announced the launch of its orthodontic services provided by a general dentist for dental health in Calgary as an affordable and effective alternative to a specialist orthodontics consultation.

More information about Friends & Family Dental Health and the treatment options they offer can be found at

Friends & Family Dental Health provides general dentistry, but also focuses on the delivery of effective and affordable orthodontic solutions such as alignment and straightening of teeth, and early intervention of dental malocclusions. Well-aligned teeth are less susceptible to cavities and trapped food. Orthodontic treatment usually requires the use of dental braces and retainers to contour the patient's jaw and teeth. These braces require periodic adjustments over several appointments. The treatment at Friends & Family Dental Health features the use clear tray retainers, sometimes called Invisalign. a system that avoids the use of metal braces.

Speed braces are also an orthodontic treatment option that can be provided by this Calgary SE dentist. A relatively recent development in the world of dental devices, speed braces accomplish the task of realigning a patient's teeth with precision for an aesthetically pleasing smile, a harmonious alignment of teeth for chewing, and skeletal jaw alignment. Using a combination of self-ligating brackets and wires that retain "memory" of their tension, this procedure moves misaligned teeth into the desired position gently.

According to a spokesperson for the Calgary dentist, "We offer orthodontic treatment to patients as young as seven years of age. We believe in holistic and timely interventions to solve orthodontic issues. Speed braces and novel new technologies such as Invisalign help our patients enjoy aesthetically pleasing smiles and functionally sound teeth for many years. Our continued commitment is to provide excellent dental health to the people of Calgary."

Friends & Family Dental Health is a leading provider of dental healthcare in Calgary SE. Headed by Calgary dentist Dr. Jeffrey Ma, the facility is located by Riverbend and Quarry Park in Calgary. Dr. Ma is dedicated to providing dental care to improve the health of the whole body, mind, and spirit.

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