Calgary, AB Heating & Cooling Company Launches 22-Point Central Ac Tune-Up Service

Jul 11, 2018

Calgary, AB air conditioning company Sugarloaf Heating & Cooling launched a new tune-up program for residential and commercial central AC systems. The 22-point inspection and tune-up cover all critical and non-critical components, consumables, and accessories to improve energy efficiency and air quality.

Calgary, Alberta air conditioning company Sugarloaf Heating & Cooling announced the launch of its 22-point tune-up for central air conditioning systems. The tune-up includes a thorough inspection of all mechanical parts, lubricants, and critical components.

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The Canadian government’s Energy Star program recommends a 10-point inspection checklist for the proper maintenance of central air conditioning systems. The program’s guidelines also recommend an annual checkup preceding or during a change of season. The program also recommends a quarterly cleaning or replacement of air filter. Infrequently or poorly maintained central AC systems result in poor air quality and lower efficiency.

Sugarloaf Heating & Cooling now offers a comprehensive 22-point inspection and tune-up. The company has enhanced its tune-up program to meet and exceed Energy Star recommendations for all brands of central air conditioners.

The Alberta Province’s HVAC company’s precision tune-up covers the complete cleaning of condenser coils, lubrication of moving parts, coolant charge inspection, thermostat calibration, duct inspections, blower motor and belt evaluation, the verification of all electrical and mechanical parts, and other key operating functions. Other checks include compressor operation tests, condensation drainage, capacitor & relay tests.

The Calgary, AB heating and air conditioning company employs skilled and experienced HVAC technicians to perform annual, semi-annual, or quarterly tune-ups. Sugarloaf Heating & Cooling also offers customers the option of dedicated technicians to deliver routine maintenance and 24/7 emergency repair service across southern Alberta.

According to a spokesperson for Sugarloaf Heating & Cooling, “The 22-point central air tune-up is designed as a comprehensive central AC maintenance solution for residential and commercial systems. We remain committed to helping individuals, businesses and communities enjoy improved air quality, enhanced system performance, and lower operating expenses.”

Sugarloaf Heating & Cooling is a veteran & family-owned heating and cooling services company. Established in 2010 and headed by Ken German, the company offers world-class services at affordable prices with special discounts for veterans and seniors. The company supports the Wounded Warriors Canada project for veterans. More information is available at the URL above.

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