Calculate ERTC Rebates For SMBs | Free CARES Act Tax Credit Eligibility Quiz

Aug 2, 2022

Find out how to calculate your ERTC rebates for 2020 and 2021, or where you can have an expert maximize your tax credits. This expert guide and free eligibility quiz can help you to claim your rebate before funding runs out.

Calculate ERTC Rebates For SMBs | Free CARES Act Tax Credit Eligibility Quiz

Does paid sick leave affect ERTC claims?

Can you include employer-provided healthcare in your rebate calculation?

How can you make a claim if you’ve already received a PPP loan?

Find out in this new guide from Scott Hall, or skip straight to the free, 60-second eligibility test.

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) is a pandemic relief program launched in 2020, that has gone through several amendments since it was created. This updated guide from Scott Hall explains how you can claim your rebates, and how much you may be eligible for.

Visit to read the full guide, and maximize your rebate.

When the ERTC was first launched, you were able to claim up to $5,000 per employee in tax credits, but after several amendments, that amount has increased to a maximum of $26,000 per employee. You can find a link in the updated guide to a no-cost, no-obligation eligibility assessment.

The new 60-second assessment can determine if your company is eligible for rebates, and includes a consultation with ERTC experts that will help you determine how much your business can claim. The guide explains how claims are calculated based on wages, the number of eligible employees, and several other factors.

Using the updated guide and eligibility assessment, you can claim ERTC rebates even if you have already enrolled in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) or other pandemic relief programs. It explains how the ERTC differs from similar programs by offering a one-time payout that is not a loan, and has no restrictions on how the funds can be spent.

Employers that complete the eligibility assessment can get pre-qualified for a rebate by ERTC specialists. Eligible business owners will receive a link to a secure server, where you can upload your raw payroll data, PPP loan documents, and 941 returns, to have your maximum allowable rebate calculated.

The guide explains how paid sick or family leave affects ERTC claims, as well as healthcare paid for by the employer. With the latest amendments to the ERTC, small and medium-sized businesses with up to 500 full-time employees, non-profit organizations, startups, and new businesses may all be eligible for rebates.

To qualify, the guide explains that each business must have either suffered financial losses because of the pandemic, or temporary closures due to government orders such as a lockdown. It also contains links to several related articles about the program, including common misconceptions about the ERTC, and an in-depth guide to calculating rebates.

You could be eligible for tens, or hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax credits, and all you have to do is fill in some paperwork. Or, you can have the entire claim completed by ERTC experts who will maximize your rebate, and even help you to file.

Visit to read the full guide, or to take the free eligibility assessment.

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