CA Healthcare Provider Media Content: Boost Online Visibility & Reputation

Jun 26, 2024

If you run an integrative medicine, alternative medicine, or functional medicine clinic, California-based 2020 Vision Digital offers a unique content marketing solution to boost your online visibility and reputation.

The Healthcare Authority Amplifier

The ‘authority’ of your website refers to how much Google thinks it’s trustworthy, and it can have a huge impact on your ranking. 2020 Vision Digital creates original media content and publishes on 350+ of high-authority platforms, making you much more visible.

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Some examples include top media outlets like Business Insider, AP, and Google News, which really make Google sit up and take notice. In addition to news articles, your campaign will include videos, audio pieces, slideshows, and more, all crafted by a team of professionals.

Most people now search online for healthcare services, such as integrative medicine, alternative medicine, or functional medicine. As such, online visibility and reputation management are critical, and 2020 Vision Digital covers both elements with their unique solution.

“Our Authority Amplifier approach focuses on elevating your clinic's visibility,” a company representative explained. “Each strategy is meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of your clinic, ensuring that every initiative is not only targeted but also highly effective in attracting and retaining clients.”

Google & Website Authority

A recent leak containing thousands of internal API documents gave new insights into Google’s search algorithm. Despite previous denials, the leak revealed that Google does consider the trustworthiness of websites – also referred to as ‘site authority’ – and the platform also uses a manually created whitelist of websites that it regards as reliable on specific topics.

As 2020 Vision Digital points out, your own website will probably not have a strong authority rating, which can impact your visibility when someone is searching for your services. The agency therefore takes an innovative approach, publishing high-quality original content on well-known platforms that already have a high-authority rating.

About 2020 Vision Digital

Recognizing that many small healthcare businesses lack the time or resources to focus on content marketing, 2020 Vision Digital sought to develop an all-in-solution that manages the process on your behalf. The new Healthcare Authority Amplifier service is the result of those efforts, and the firm continues to build on its distribution network of more than 350 high-authority websites.

“We engaged 2020 Vision Digital to manage our content marketing and community building efforts,” one client recently stated. “They’re very proactive and often come up with new ideas to help amplify our brand. The content has always been top-notch, and appearing on such high-authority websites is definitely making a difference.”

Discover the power of high-authority content marketing. Discuss your multimedia campaign with the experts at 2020 Vision Digital today.

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