Buy Winter Photography Arty Shower Curtains With Poems & Inspiring Snowy Scenes

Jun 18, 2024

If you’re a winter lover, then you don’t want to miss this arty designer shower curtain from Sarah James Jazz Merch – complete with one of Sarah’s own poems!

Want to spruce up your bathroom with something a little different from the usual store-bought stuff? This artsy winter shower curtain from Sara James Jazz Merch is ideal, and it even has some of her own poetry along the bottom!

Take a look at and celebrate the beauty of nature!

So pretty that it doubles as a wall-hanging

The shower curtain depicts a wooded area after six inches of snowfall in the Hudson Valley and is made from durable polyester, the designer explains. On the one-sided print, there are several bare trees with snow-covered branches, and a blanket of snow forms the background to the poem - which is an ode to nature itself.

The poem excerpt, artfully positioned across the wintry scene, reads: “Nature knows her mind, she understands the breath of life, she changes colors every day, she grows new shoots under the snowy moon, she life carries on...”

The curtain measures 71 inches wide by 74 inches long, making it suitable for bathrooms, room dividers, wall hangings, or photographic backdrops, Sarah adds, highlighting the artistic appeal of the pieces.

From beautiful flowers to woodland scenes

Other shower curtains in the range showcase her affinity for photographing nature up close. One features a vibrant orange Echinacea flower as the focal point, while another depicts black and white peonies, and a third shows two deer running in a wooded wilderness scene.

Sarah says that you should wash the shower curtains cool and leave them to line dry without ironing them to maintain the images and materials.

Artistic Heritage and Inspiration: The Multifaceted World of Sarah James

Sarah James' nature-inspired home decor line is a reflection of her diverse talents as a musician, poet, and fine art photographer. Born in Brooklyn and raised in the New York metro area, her family instilled an artistic spirit from an early age. Her grandfather, originally from County Cork, Ireland, played traditional Irish music on the accordion, while her parents were passionate jazz fans. Before this collection, Sarah launched apparel featuring her NYC graffiti-inspired photography.

A spokesperson states: “Sarah regularly does poetry readings. She is working on her upcoming new recording of original music and an upcoming recording of poems from her new book, Beautiful Chaos, featuring her photographs of NYC graffiti and murals along with her music and poetry.”

Check out for the ideal gift for winter lovers!

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