Buy This Unfaceted Turquoise Bracelet With Hypoallergenic Rose Gold Chain

Jul 28, 2023

For the best rustic yet elegant raw turquoise accessories, be sure to shop at Uniquelan Jewelry, a trusted online store.

Why settle for a stocking stuffer when you can get a showstopper? Uniquelan Jewelry has a collection of uncut turquoise jewelry that’s sure to impress your loved ones!

You can now get a matching set of jewelry that includes stud earrings, a chain bracelet, and a statement ring. Since turquoise is one of the designated gemstones for December, this collection is a suitable present for someone celebrating their birthday this month.

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Each piece in this selection features genuine earth-mined turquoise gems that are burnished instead of cut. The jeweler adds that turquoise jewelry is also a great gift if you’re celebrating your 5th or 11th wedding anniversary.

Turquoise is a form of hydrated copper and aluminum phosphate, and it is a secondary mineral deposited from circulating waters. Fittingly, it has a calming blue color that is often associated with peace, protection, and luck.

Uniquelan Jewelry merely polishes its turquoise gems to preserve their signature color and maximize their brilliance. Given that gemstones are not faceted or cut to a standard size or shape, each piece you buy is one of a kind.

The jeweler uses sterling silver as the metal base, which is hypoallergenic and suitable for people with sensitive skin. You may choose the coating for the sterling silver base, with options including yellow, white, and rose gold. These coatings are water, heat, and tarnish-resistant.

Your order comes with a stylish gift box and a card and delivery fees are waived for purchases over $50. You may also request express shipping for an additional cost.

About Uniquelan Jewelry

Uniquelan Jewelry specializes in rustic gemstone jewelry that makes thoughtful gifts for a wide variety of occasions. In addition to turquoise, its other best-selling semi-precious stones include rose quartz, amethyst, moonstone, and sapphire. It employs skilled artisans to produce exquisitely made and unique pieces of jewelry.

A spokesperson says: “In a season awash with presents, you want your gift to be truly memorable. Our turquoise pieces, thanks to their mesmerizing hue, will surely make your recipient feel extra special. With a broad selection to choose from, choosing standout gifts has never been this easy.”

Your search for the perfect holiday gift is over! Just visit Uniquelan Jewelry’s website and order beautiful uncut turquoise pieces online. It’s fast and convenient - so don’t delay!

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