Buy Prescription Sports Goggles With Straps For Kids: Best For Hockey & Soccer

Mar 8, 2023

If your kid needs glasses or goggles in order to play the sport they love, why not get them the best from sports eyewear retailer A Sight for Sport Eyes?

Buy Prescription Sports Goggles With Straps For Kids: Best For Hockey & Soccer

For kids who need to wear glasses or goggles while playing sports, it can often be challenging and embarrassing. Most styles are clunky, uncomfortable, and distracting. Thankfully, A Sight for Sport Eyes has a range of sports glasses and goggles that eliminate all of these problems!

The West Linn, OR-based sports eyewear retailer provides your kids with access to a broad selection of ASTM safety-rated prescription and non-prescription sports glasses and goggles. The glasses and goggles come in a range of sizes and are designed for kids ages 4 to 14.

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Generally speaking, if your kid has to wear glasses or goggles while playing sports it's for one of two reasons—to prevent injury or to correct their vision. Unfortunately, more and more sports organizations are putting regulations in place regarding the types of glasses and goggles that kids are allowed to wear. Thankfully, the sports eyewear options at A Sight for Sport Eyes meet the changing requirements of these organizations, while providing safety, style, comfort, and correction.

In terms of sports glasses, A Sight for Sport Eyes has many options. The LS Rec-Specs F8 Morpheus Street Series are impact-resistant unisex glasses featuring a sculpted temple design and comfort padding. They come in an assortment of collectible two-tone color treatments, making them ideal if your kid is young. Check them out at

For more subtle options, they also offer the Hilco Leader C2. These glasses come in more neutral colors, such as navy, white, black, and gunmetal. As part of their design, they have temporal “viewports,” which allow for increased peripheral vision and help reduce lens fog. Go to for more info.

A Sight for Sport Eyes also has a range of goggles for your kid to choose from. Compared to glasses, goggles utilize a bubble design that provides more coverage of the eyes and face. They also usually come with an adjustable strap to ensure they remain on the face. Popular options that A Sight for Sport Eyes offers are the Hilco Sophomore Goggles and Hilco Champ Junior Sports Goggle, both of which feature clear frames and lenses, making them less noticeable when worn.

“My son needs to wear goggles for soccer because traditional glasses present too much of a risk when he’s heading the ball,” said a satisfied customer. “Other pairs he’s tried from other opticians left his ears hurting because of the cheap straps. A Sight for Sport Eyes provided us with a pair that is much more comfortable and looks better too. We can’t thank them enough.”

The glasses and goggles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor sports; their durable designs make them able to withstand all conditions. A Sight for Sport Eyes also has swimming goggles available for sports taking place in the water.

Most glasses and goggles in A Sight for Sport Eyes’ kids' collection come with an option to add prescription lenses. If needed, straps can also be added to the frames on styles that don't already have them. All glasses and goggles also meet ASTM standards and offer 100% UV protection.

About A Sight for Sport Eyes

A Sight for Sport Eyes was started in 1996 to educate consumers about the short- and long-term risks of sports-related eye injuries. It has since gone on to become a leading retailer in the sports eyewear industry, providing men, women, and kids with glasses and goggles for a variety of activities.

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