Buy NYC Graffiti Print T-Shirt With Feminist Message For Women Entrepreneurs

May 30, 2024

Artist Sarah James has just released a new T-shirt with NYC street art graffiti for all brave women from 18-90. This unique print features a cool geisha, telling the world “Nothing will stop me.”

Are you looking for comfortable statement pieces that will make an impression? Let me introduce Sarah James Jazz Merch! In her collection of NYC-inspired T-shirts, you can find one-of-a-kind graffiti prints straight from the streets of New York. The images on Sarah James' T-shirts are documentations of street art that have captured her eye on her walks around the city. The latest addition is a dedication to all of you power girlies trying to make it on your own, giving you strength to keep going when the going gets tough!

With this T-shirt, you can feel empowered and supported by another female business owner to focus and accomplish your goals. Inspire yourself and others with this creative girl power-oozing T-shirt! Check it out here:

The print for this product, named the "Blue Moon Girl" T-shirt, was found by Sarah James on a metal newspaper dispenser in New York. It features a photorealistic modern geisha on a blue moon backdrop with a face tattoo wearing a top with an old Hollywood-inspired print. Underneath, the message "Nothing will stop me" reads, aligning with the girl's defiant arms and warrior-like pose.

All T-shirts in the graffiti collection are available in black, red, blue, purple, green, and pink, ensuring there's something for every taste. The long-sleeved T-shirts are made from breathable 100% cotton that is easy to wash and can be worn during all seasons. 

Sarah James is a never-ending source of creative inspiration and constantly updates her line with new prints inspired by New York's urban culture. Other products that can be found in Sarah James' merch shop are a Hindu-inspired graffiti print mug and duffle bag, yoga leggings featuring a black and white photo of Nancy King, a biodegradable phone case with an oil-painting print of a saxophone, and much more. This underscores this unique artist's talent for finding beauty in the most unexpected places and making it possible to bring it with you wherever you go!

About Sarah James

Sarah James is a multi-faceted artist with deep roots in the Big Apple's cultural scene, born and raised in New York's metro area. James is mainly a jazz singer and has toured the country before returning to the east coast. She has expressed her excitement over releasing this line, underlining that they are not your regular run-of-the-mill images but are taken directly from life.

Get inspired and order the T-shirt at

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