Buy Graffiti-Inspired Streetwear Celebrating NYC Artistic Expression & Culture

Oct 7, 2023

Sarah James Jazz Merch is home to some eye-catching T-shirts, which all celebrate the most interesting graffiti from around NYC. Discover this alien DJ piece today!

If you love graffiti and want to celebrate the art form with your style of clothing, this T-shirt range is for you!

Created by Sarah James, owner of Sarah James Jazz Merch, it’s based on an iconic alien DJ painting from the East Village.

See the unique design at

The release exemplifies the artwork that Sarah discovers on her walks through the city. She explains that the pandemic has changed the area in many ways, but the soul of creatives can still be seen - demonstrating the pursuit of their dreams through colorful graffiti pieces.

With roots going back to the 1970s, graffiti became a defining characteristic of New York City street culture. What started as territorial markings evolved into elaborate displays of artistry and social commentary.

Graffiti gained mainstream acceptance in the 1980s in part due to artists like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, who brought their stylized creations into galleries. Today, authorized graffiti walls and commissioned murals reflect graffiti's acceptance as a legitimate art form - and the T-shirt range aims to honor this progression.

Made from 100% cotton, the T-shirt is soft, lightweight, and easy to clean and care for. The crewneck cut provides a relaxed fit, while the durable fabric withstands repeated washings. You can choose from a range of colors to complement your style, with available options including black, red, blue, purple, grey, pink, and green.

Sarah notes that the alien character celebrates the welcoming, creative spirit of the East Village art scene and the overall design promotes themes like joy, connection, and freedom of expression.

Ranging in size from XS to XL, the shirts cater to diverse body types. You can shop for this new release exclusively through the Sara James Jazz Merch online store and all purchases are secured through PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard.

A spokesperson states: "Sarah is a composer, songwriter, producer and lyricist. At present, she is also working on an independent documentary on jazz singers and more info will be on these pages about that coming soon."

Do you want to highlight the eye-catching graffiti of NYC? Browse the range at Sara James Jazz Merch!

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