Buy Grade A, Pure Nepalese Cashmere Leisure Robes With Belt Ties For Men & Women

Jun 7, 2023

Looking for the most luxurious pure cashmere bathrobes that don’t skimp on fabric? Cashmere Boutique brings you sublime leisurewear with a superiorly soft, spacious, and comfortable fit.

There’s nothing worse than splashing out on a luxury leisure robe, only to find yourself having to pull and tug the fabric around to make it fit!

Cashmere Boutique's robes are not only made from the highest grade, 100% pure Nepalese cashmere fabric, but they also give you ample space to feel utterly pampered!

What’s more, the luscious fabric is naturally moisture-wicking, providing you with both warmth and maximum comfort for all seasons, not just winter!

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You can take your pick from an array of over 15 colors and full and knee-length options too!

Cashmere is derived from the ultra-soft undercoats of specific mountainous goat breeds such as the Capra Hircus Laniger, with its fine fibers being spun together to make smooth and compact yarns of different thicknesses. With a 4-ply thread count rating, the boutique’s robes are thicker and more durable than lower plies.

Cashmere Boutique’s women’s robes feature a sash tie, inseam pockets, and a flattering shawl collar. You can choose from deep colors to pastel shades such as blue topaz, sage green, and faded lilac. Two size options are available which fit US sizes 4-10 and 12 and above.

Men’s options include an ankle-length robe with a belt tie and large patch pockets. Colors include burgundy, charcoal, and navy and sizes fit up to US 44 and above. Owing to the robes’ generous cut, the store recommends that you size down if you’re in between sizes.

To care for your garment, the retailer advises you to wash it in lukewarm water using hair shampoo. After that, it can be dried flat and re-shaped while damp. Cashmere Boutique notes that with proper care, your divine robe should last a lifetime.

Since 1999, Cashmere Boutique has sold cashmere clothing, accessories, and home furnishings to over 250,000 customers. Items can be shipped throughout the USA and most countries worldwide.

A satisfied customer said: “This is a beautiful robe. I always wear a robe around the house to reduce my heating bill but I’m very fussy about the quality. This one is ideally light and soft, and the sizing is perfect for me. It is luxuriously soft and has a lovely edging around the collar. I can’t say enough about it.”

For the most luxurious and bountiful cashmere robes, visit Cashmere Boutique today!

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