Buy Designer Floral Shower Curtains With Purple Echinacea Plant Photo Prints

May 30, 2024

Elevate your bathroom and lift your spirit with Sarah James Jazz Merch’s exquisite designer shower curtains featuring seasonal landscape photography.

Imagine stepping into your bathroom and feeling instantly connected to the great outdoors! From blooming spring flower bouquets to sumptuous sunset scenes, each curtain design from Sarah James Jazz merch will transport you to a tranquil natural haven, leaving the hustle and bustle far behind!

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Unique Artistry & Versatile Décor

The artistic shower curtain line displays photographs documenting the natural environment taken by artist Sarah James herself. Along with enhancing bathrooms with color and personality, the accessories have versatile uses as wall hangings, room dividers, and family photo backgrounds, among other home décor functions. The artist encourages you to use your imagination!

Vibrant Floral Designs

In Sarah James Jazz Merch’s collection, you can find curtains featuring a blossoming Feather Tulip, Ranunculus, Peony, and Purple Freesia Spring Bouquet. The pastel-hued arrangement was designed by New Jersey florist William Wurtch who sources flowers from notable growers in Colombia, Holland, and worldwide. For more details visit

Another floral design, entitled Detail of Echinacea Flower, displays a close-up of the species with its distinctive cone-shaped center and vibrant purple petals. As Sarah James notes, the plant has been used in traditional natural remedies to support health and immunity for centuries. “Each time you step into your shower or catch a glimpse of this image, you’ll be transported to a world where beauty and wellness intertwine leaving you with a renewed sense of joy and vitality,” said the artist.

Scenic Landscape Photo Art

For curtains decorated with landscape photography, Sarah James offers a Cannon Beach Oregon Sunset Shower Curtain that captures some of the area’s iconic rock formations. To showcase wildlife, you can choose a Two Deer Shower Curtain featuring the animals running through a lush green field near the designer’s home. Find out more about the artist at 

Quality Craftsmanship

Made from highly durable 100% polyester, the curtains’ fabric retains its shape and dries quickly. Each curtain has 12 buttonholes for hook placement and measures 71 x 74” to fit standard bathrooms.

About Sarah James Jazz Merch

Sarah James Jazz Merch is a woman-owned company that specializes in creating beautiful environments with street art and landscape photography. With a career that spans music, poetry, and visual art, Sarah James is committed to capturing the essence of her native New York through her homeware and apparel collections.

Sarah James said: “I designed these beautiful nature photography shower curtains so that you can change the vibe in your home with the seasons and keep your home décor fresh.”

To bring a touch of seasonal magic to your daily routine, visit Sarah James Jazz Merch today!

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