Business Moving Press Release: PR Essentials & Writing Tips You Need To Know

Mar 7, 2024

If you’re moving your business to a new location, it is important to make sure your customers stay informed. Find out how to write an effective business-moving press release in this helpful guide from Press Release Zen.

As exciting as a business relocation can be, it is also incredibly stressful! With so many things to organize and accomplish, it’s no surprise that the odd thing might get forgotten. So you’ve forgotten to pack the coffee mugs and biscuit tin – big deal. But something you don’t want to miss off the list is informing your customers and employees of the move! One of the quickest, and most effective, ways of doing this is with a business-moving press release. Press Release Zen is here to help you write the perfect announcement so that you can focus on establishing yourself in your new community. 

For your free business-moving press release sample and template, go to

According to the guide, not only does a well-written business-moving press release keep your current clients informed but also helps to drive more traffic towards your new location. Similarly, a relocation press release can generate excitement about your brand, attracting new customers while fortifying your relationships with existing ones.

What to Include In Your Press Release

Press Release Zen points to 12 vital elements to ensure the effectiveness of your business-moving press release. Foremost is the use of an attention-grabbing headline that quickly and succinctly announces the move. The content of your press release should include your business details, such as name, industry and the new location, along with a short paragraph explaining the reasoning behind the move. This is an important point to include as it helps you build credibility and trust with your audience, says Press Release Zen.

In addition to why the move has taken place, your press release should also explain the potential impact on customers, employees and the wider community. Further information about your products and services should be included, particularly if these are changing post-move.

Press Release Zen recommends including customer reviews and testimonials, alongside a boilerplate paragraph detailing your history, achievements and unique selling proposition. You should also include your business URL, release date and contact information so that customers can make further inquiries if necessary.

Get a Free Business-Moving PR Template

Not sure where to start? To support you with the PR's structure, Press Release Zen has kindly provided a sample business-moving press release containing the 12 vital elements mentioned in the guide. Better yet, you can also make use of the company’s business relocation press release template, helping you to structure and communicate your announcement effectively. So now there's no excuse; it's time to get writing!

Writing Tips to Remember

The guide is brought to a close with a series of writing tips for an effective press release, such as the use of relevant keywords for improved search engine ranking. Remember to keep your press release short and sweet; we don't want anyone falling asleep before they've reached the big announcement.

Make sure your business move runs smoothly with help from Press Release Zen. To download your free sample template, head over to now.

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