Business Mogul Incubator Announces Open Enrollment For It’s Mogul’s Club Program

Jan 13, 2024

The Empire Company Opens Enrollment For The Mogul’s Club.

The Empire Company, a California based virtual and in person coaching company announces open enrollment for its business mogul incubator and signature business coaching program, The Mogul's Club.

Known for the transformation of leaders into influential business moguls and businesses into empires and dynasties, The Empire Company created The Mogul's Club program to answer the growing need during this revolutionary time for leaders and entrepreneurs to master the myriad of skills that it takes to be both a financially successful business leader as well as a high skilled Influencer and community leader.

As the Influencer Trend continues it’s become clear to The team at The Empire Compan that it’s become essential that those who know how to influencer online become mogul level business leaders who actually create real wealth through modern business tactics, and it's essential for those that are geared towards creating wealth and those who aspire to build great empires and multigenerational family dynasties to emerge as powerful online influencers in order to round out their overall leadership capacity for modern business success in this revolutionary age of rapid growth.

The Mogul's Club aims to respond to the needs of leaders and entrepreneurs to grow their capacity for many facets of leadership from company creation, wealth generation and community influencing that is now a requisite required for any modern leader in this revolutionary age of media and technology.

The leader of The Empire Company, Dr. Tracy Thomas, a highly experienced psychologist, coach and Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of transformation books has been watching the trend and is clear that “more than ever leaders, entrepreneurs, and those that have ambition to be influencers, need to have a business repertoire that rivals the world greatest business moguls as well as the world's greatest online community influencers.” She’s seen the challenges of business leaders for many years now and the data from all of her years as a high performance and success coach shows that, “the old school way of doing business are behind us as consumers want to buy from people they look up to as great business moguls and also people and companies that are influential community leaders.”

The requirements for leaders to grow in both business and influencer skills are more than ever in human history and business mastery has taken on a new meaning and now requires more and faster growth for business people today. The Mogul's Club business mogul incubator and influencer training program answers the need for business people to have the massive set of skills they need to succeed in this rapidly changing world of media and technology.

The Founder and CEO of The Empire Company, Dr. Tracy commented that “the days of people getting by on basic skills and hard work while avoiding the growth and mastery they need to do to be a successful business leader are gone. The level of business creation capacity as well as influencer abilities are a must have for anyone looking to be successful and competitive in this media and technology era and the revolution we’ve entered.

Dr. Tracy Thomas states that “leaders of business used to be able to get by with a handful of abilities and skills and could create something successful but those days are gone. Business owners and leaders are in the most competitive and fast paced landscape now where those that can master both media, technology and community leadership will thrive in Darwinian fashion because consumers have become accustomed to the influencer world and they want to leaders they can follow and companies that build communities, and that is who they will continue to buy from” says Thomas.

The demand to be more than company leaders is huge as leaders must now become great at leading communities and being captivating influencers people want to follow or they will buy from someone else, according to Dr. Tracy. She reports that “too many people have relied on more typical business skills to lead their companies and the reality is that both creating a successful business and community leadership as an influencer are now one in the same thing and this skill set cannot be avoided or business leaders will be left behind..

The Mogul's Club is a place where leaders can be supported in their biggest and boldest ambitions and where it's ok to talk about high wealth creation. In fact, it's ok to discuss the deepest desires people have to become financially free multimillionaires, billionaires, philanthropists, and legacy makers who leave their mark on the world.

The higher the aspirations and the bigger the ambitions The Mogul's Club is about supporting those that are committed to bigger destinies and to making some of the world's great business empires and multigenerational family dynasties come to life. Given that the empire making and dynasty making realm is usually reserved for leaders and families who have already been multigenerational successful, something like The Mogul’s Club business mogul incubator is well overdue.

The Empire Company, with all of its offerings cares about making empire building and dynasty making available to those that might have just thought of themselves as business owners or entrepreneurs, and to orient them to how the truly wealthy play the wealth and success game. Dr. Tracy, in her capacity as a psychologist and what she refers to as a “Reality Scientist and a “Mogul Maker”’ remarked that a simple shift in calling one's business an empire instead of just a business can start to bring about a greater level of success because reality adjusts to whatever one call it and what one tell it to do.

Through The Empire Company's proprietary Intentionality Training©, Identity Training©, Influencer Training© and Immersion Method©, transformation of leaders take place as continuous programming and continuous focus on empire building, dynasty making, and business "moguling" occur.

With immense focus on becoming multimillionaires and billionaire influencers the transformation programs at The Empire Company immerse their clients into a world that may not be accessible to them in everyday conversations with their peers or family. Having peers that are all striving to be multimillionaires and billionaires immerses clients into what Dr. Tracy refers to as "The Mogul Reality Field" where the environment that the clients are in during the program normalizes the world of moguls, magnates, tycoons, titans, multimillionaires and billionaires…something that Dr. Tracy believes should take place when people are in the education system from the beginning.

The Empire Company has its roots in psychology and high performance programming that is also referred to as "Reality Programming" towards a higher reality. The higher level programming is so that clients become completely acclimated to a higher frequency of reality as if they were born into the great empire building and dynasty making families of the world.

Thomas says that the formula of hard work and clawing your way to the top is a recipe for stress, misery, and early death and it’s time for programing people for a higher echelon to be a primary modality where people replace faulty and dysfunctional programming with programming steeped in a more elegant way of creating wealth. Wealth that is created the way the 1% do it with their families, and that is to program people to be great stewards of great fortunes.

The Empire Company gears it’s offerings towards people who feel they have a real purpose and mission to accomplish in their lifetime, The Mogul's Club training is comprehensive and designed to transform these ambitious leaders at a DNA level so that any previous lower frequency conditioning they've had in their life is replaced with the highest frequency programing that alters them at their core into Millionaire and Billionaire Moguls of Industry and great stewards of dynasty families.

The Mogul's Club transformation is for those that want to shoot for the top instead of the middle and who are willing to grow beyond the mediocrity, challenges and traumas of their current reality. It's for those that are committed to their highest destiny and build a legacy and those that look to operate in a more elevated state of leadership and creative capacity than they've ever experienced before.

Dr. Tracy notes that, “this is about creating modern, sophisticated leaders and influencers that are pillars of communities and who can lead their audience and followers to higher ground. The Empire company invites those that feel called to become great business leaders, those that want to build their own unique and custom empires to their own design, those that want to lead their families to be a successful group of leaders together, and those that want to create legacies of wealth that flow well beyond this lifetime.

The team at The Empire Company is accepting applications and is doing interviews of applicants in order to curate a great community of purposefully, mission oriented, leaders and influencers who are 100% committed to their ambitions, to stewarding great fortunes, and to building their brightest future possible. The Empire Company even offers financial funding for their coaching programs for those that need it.

The Empire Company team can reached through their website

More can be learned about The Mogul's Club Influencer Training Program at where candidates can apply for a consultative interview to be able to join the program.

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