Business Leadership Program Teaches Executives How To Overcome Blind Spots

Nov 9, 2023

Optimize your business processes today by building a talent-centered organization with Vertical Elevation! Take advantage of the consultancy’s leadership coaching to unlock your true potential!

STOP! You need to hear this.

Are you tired of trying everything in your business only to take 2 steps forward, one step back? Are you frequently losing employees, even if you've offered them higher pay and better perks?

The truth is, employees today are looking for far more than money - they want respect, transparency, and communication.

You may have departments that are growing out of alignment, where your managers and team members are regularly miscommunicating. This leads to confused executives who have different ideas of what tasks should be done first and irritated employees who hate the mounting workload.

It’s a ticking time bomb – and one that you need to fix now.

Vertical Elevation can help. The business advisory firm offers leadership and executive training programs for leaders determined to turn the tide and put their company on the path to growth.

With 77% of US companies reporting that leadership is lacking in their organizations, according to figures seen by Forbes, Vertical Elevation offers its executive training program, created to help business executives like you reduce staff turnover rates, improve productivity, and foster a healthier environment where your employees feel heard and valued.

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They help you create a talent-centric company that runs at maximum efficiency.

How do they do that, you may ask? The experts at Vertical Elevation explain that rather than simply hiring employees to meet a target, you should instead align your talent acquisition efforts with your overall business strategy. This means understanding your current work culture, knowing the people who are already inside your organization and their values, and then choosing employees who are the proper cultural fit.

Employees leave their managers, not their companies

The company’s executive coaching program helps you to improve your managerial performance and communication skills. You learn not only how to positively impact your company revenue but continuously improve team morale.

Vertical Elevation’s coaching follows a three-step process. First, you find out what your blind spots are, both personally and professionally. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know.

These weaknesses are then assessed by the team to map out a coaching and training plan, where you will be taught how to nurture the leadership skills needed to address them. Lastly, the coaching and training sessions should teach you how to develop more efficient hiring practices and create a winning company culture.

Fix the core issues in your company NOW

Vertical Elevation is dedicated to helping companies transform their organizations into talent-centered businesses focused on work culture. For the last 30 years, they have helped businesses of all sizes across all industries reach their financial and corporate goals through a proactive executive leadership approach.

The company also offers specialized executive coaching for women leaders. This group coaching program brings 6 to 8 women executives working together with 2 leadership coaches over 6 months.

Want to learn more? Schedule a discovery call with the team today to see if you would like to work with them!

A spokesperson for the company says, "Rather than reactively losing millions of dollars every time another key employee leaves, we’ll help you proactively create a talent-centric organization that allows you to build the team you need so you can focus on increasing profits and doing great work."

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