Bulgarian Implantology Clinic Offers 3-Day Complete Smile Makeover

Feb 22, 2021

Get a complete smile makeover with 72-hour basal implants in Sofia, Bulgaria. Visit https://nurident.com/fr to discuss your treatment options.

Are you looking for high-quality basal implants or implant basal at low prices? Contact NuriDent, Sofia’s leading international center for immediate dental implant services.

Basal implants, also known as cortical bone implants, use the basal portion of the jawbone to anchor and retain the implant. Dental surgeons use principles from orthopedic surgery to place these one-piece implants to the hard bone, anchoring it in two places for added strength and stability. A basal implant consists of a fused implant and abutment, making it superior to a two-piece or three-piece implant that has a higher rate of failure because of interface problems between the connections.

The dental implant center in Sofia offers basal implants and classic dental implants or implant dentaire at affordable prices for local and international visitors. The implantology clinic features the latest in dental implant technology and dental tourism services for patients from around the world.

Dr Nuri and his team of dentists now offer a 3-day smile makeover that includes an X-ray and a 3D scan, pre-medication, the extraction of diseased or damaged teeth, and the immediate loading of basal implants. The metal skeleton of your prosthetic construction is fabricated on the second day followed by cementing on the third day.

NuriDent offers temporary and permanent constructions based on the number of extractions and the optional placement of temporary teeth. Procedures that require temporary constructions may require a week before your permanent constructions are placed.

The team at NuriDent offers basal implants even if you have lost several teeth or completely lack teeth. These implants are placed by minimally invasive surgery, minimizing the risk of infection. One can also learn more about prix implant dentaire by checking out their Website.

Visit https://nurident.com/fr/implant-basal for more information about the cost of basal implants in Bulgaria.

Founded in 2000, the center operates two clinics—one for immediate implant procedures and the other for orthodontics and general dentistry. The center features a fully-equipped dental prosthetic laboratory and dental imaging center. Dr Nuri is supported by a team of 40 dental professionals including dentists, implantologists, radiologists, anesthetists, cardiologists, and dental assistants.

Get low basal implant prices, world-class quality, and exceptional service at NuriDent. Visit https://nurident.com/fr to discuss your treatment options and schedule an appointment.

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