Build Your High-End Outdoor Kitchen & Luxury Grill With USA-Made Materials!

Feb 21, 2024

Dreaming about your luxury backyard kitchen? Backyard Pulse offers an online resource and series of blog posts designed to keep you up to date about high-end outdoor kitchen design and quality, USA-made components.

If you love a good BBQ and drinks with friends on a long summer's evening, check out Backyard Pulse's blog series about luxury outdoor kitchens!

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The blog series gives you a whole pile of information on selecting sustainable materials for countertops, weatherproofing outdoor kitchens, choosing storage solutions, optimizing small spaces, and maintaining good hygiene practices.

As spring and summer get closer and you look forward to spending more time outdoors, the online educational resource provides tips on choosing USA-made products, increasing sustainability, and installing luxury grills.

Learn About Options

A recent Forbes report shows that outdoor kitchens are a rapidly growing trend across the United States, with home owners emphasizing sustainability and a greater connection to nature alongside high-end artisanal elements like pizza ovens and smokers. The website and series of blog posts from Backyard Pulse keeps you informed regarding the outdoor kitchen options and technology available to you.

“An outdoor kitchen isn’t just a trend, it’s a lifestyle choice that blends the joys of open-air cooking with an eco-conscious ethos,” says a spokesperson. “Whether you’re flipping veggie burgers or searing sustainably-caught fish, the right materials and design can make your culinary haven both green and gorgeous.”

Explore Sustainable Designs

You'll find a wide range of information about how to incorporate recyclable materials into your outdoor kitchen design, implement energy-efficient appliances, select lighting and water-saving fixtures, and incorporate non-toxic furnishes.

The guides include planning and design tips, such as how you can incorporate an outdoor kitchen onto an urban rooftop space. You'll also discover detailed comparisons of stainless steel versus natural stone, bamboo or teak accents, and how to protect kitchen components with smart covering solutions, such as pergolas.

Choose Quality Materials

With an emphasis on helping you choose high-end, quality materials and appliances made in the USA, the team at Backyard Pulse lists reasons for you to support American craftsmanship, with reviews of brands like Artisan and Lynx for luxury grills, and Sub-Zero Wolf for other appliances.

Finally, the blog series delivers tips and support for navigating building codes and adhering to legal regulations when it comes to constructing an outdoor kitchen, noting that permits are often required for design plans that involve plumbing, gas, or electrical appliances.

Get going on your outdoor kitchen project with tips and techniques from Backyard Pulse!

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