Broomfield Dental & Ortho Marketing: Auto Patient Follow-Up to Convert Leads

Jun 10, 2024

PracticeFuel (720-989-1932) is the dental marketing agency that will give your Broomfield practice the boost it needs with a genius, automated follow-up system for turning those leads into new patients!

Nurture Patient Leads With PracticeFuel

Stop wasting money on inefficient lead gen services! With PracticeFuel, you'll have an advanced lead-capturing, nurturing, and converting solution that will help you get more patients into your dental practice!

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PracticeFuel specializes in marketing solutions for dentists and orthodontists in Broomfield, helping them with advertising their practices and engaging new patients. As part of this offering, the agency has an automated system for communicating with quality leads and getting them through your door!

Automated Follow-Up System

To optimize the follow-up with a lead, you should preferably reach out to them within five minutes. I know what you're thinking; how could you ever run a clinic while contacting leads constantly? Well, that's why PracticeFuel's follow-up system is just what you need! By providing dental professionals like yourself with automated solutions for following up with and nurturing leads, PracticeFuel wants to save you valuable time while improving your marketing efforts.

"After working in this industry for more than 20 years, we decided to make marketing simple. You want more new patients coming in each month. We want to help you do that," the company spokesperson said.

How Automated Lead Nurturing Can Boost Your Sales

According to statistics from Tech Report, only 4% of consumers who visit a website are fully ready to commit to a purchase, meaning only 20% of new leads are converted into qualified leads. However, 80% of businesses that utilize automation software to tackle this issue generate leads, and lead-nurturing emails have a 10% higher response rate than cold emails, underlining how a well-planned strategy to engage with potential patients can help you grow your practice.

Only Talk To Qualified Leads

PracticeFuel's follow-up system will automatically contact a lead within five minutes of them entering their contact details into a standardized form on your website. If the system gets a response it will start a sequence to initiate personal contact with your clinic. This helps sort out high-intent leads, saving you time on communicating with unqualified leads.

Save Money With Performance-Based System

The system is completely performance-based, meaning you only pay for leads that show up. PracticeFuel will handle the whole process from advertisement, copy, building a landing page, and creating images, with the focus of converting leads into loyal patients.

"Our mutual success is perfectly tied together and you'll never have to chase us down to see what's going on because if numbers are low, we are probably already calling you," the company spokesperson said.

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