Bridgeport CT Out-Of-State Movers For Family Homes: Packing & Moving Safety Tips

Feb 20, 2024

It’s easy to get hurt while transporting furniture during your move, so here are some things that says you can do to prevent injuries when it’s time to relocate from your Bridgeport home!

Moving day can be hectic, and if you’re not careful while transporting your belongings, your favorite wardrobe or coffee table might turn into a lethal weapon! Okay, maybe that’s a bit much, but it can’t be denied that certain pieces of furniture are really just meant to stay put once they’ve been bought and/or assembled the first time. Still, if you have to move, you have to move, so check out what the experts at have to say about staying safe while relocating.

Safety Tips to Avoid Injuries and Accidents

Back injuries, broken hands, fingers, and toes, knee pain, and sprained ankles are all very common occurrences during relocation, and these types of preventable injuries are often caused when people forego proper precautions in favor of speeding up the moving process. 

First of all, rushing won’t get you anywhere - unless you’re in a rush to end up in the doctor’s office! 

But Murphy’s Law states that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong, so some moving-day chaos is inevitable. You probably won’t be able to stop every bruise and scrape from happening, but you can take measures to prepare for them, which is why recommends putting together a first-aid kit for the day of your move. The kit should contain bandages, gauze pads, antibacterial cream, alcohol wipes, tweezers, and other supplies that can address the immediate needs of anyone who sustains a minor injury. 

While a well-stocked first-aid kit can alleviate sprains, splinters, and cuts, you should get medical attention for more serious ailments, like broken bones. But hopefully, you’ll be able to avoid such injuries by following the rest of’s guide.

A Load Too Much to Bear

Many moving-related injuries also occur when individuals attempt to carry too much weight or decline to use proper techniques when lifting a heavy object. Knowing your limits goes a long way toward making your move - and the rest of your life - pain-free!’s guide says that you can avoid muscle strain by ensuring that the weight of each box doesn’t exceed 50 pounds. You should also lift with your legs and not your back. Never bend over if you need to lift something heavy. Squat instead, and use the power from your legs to get the object off the ground. You’ll even get a good workout that way!

Also, don’t be a hero. You won’t be saving anyone if you end up in a hospital bed! Ask for help if you need it. And besides, that help doesn’t just have to come in the form of another person. You can also consider using proper moving equipment, such as hand trucks and dollies, to transport heavier boxes and large furniture.

Be Aware of Hazards

It’s good to know your way around an area, and that’s doubly true if you’re going to be carrying something that blocks your view, walking backwards while helping someone else, etc. Before the big day comes, survey the areas in and around your home for potential safety hazards, such as uneven pavement, slippery surfaces, or low-hanging tree branches. By keeping paths clear of any debris and obstructions, allocating tasks to suitable people, and planning accordingly, you and your family can avoid any complications that may arise in the chaos of a move. 

Choices for Bridgeport

But if keeping all of this in mind is already complicated enough, you can hire professional movers to do the heavy lifting for you. Just use’s directory to look for full-service moving companies, and you’ll get a list of every pre-screened, affordable moving service in Bridgeport.

And that’s every moving service in the area, including interstate movers, local movers, and everything in between. So whether you’re moving out of Bridgeport or starting a new life there, make things easier for yourself with the most highly-rated moving companies in your area!

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