Branding Service In El Segundo? Turn To This Award-Winning Brand Management Firm

Jul 8, 2024

London : Los Angeles (LO:LA) has been voted a top 10 brand management comany for 2024 by MarTech Outlook. Its the perfect agency if you’re looking for a new brand revamp, or want to work with a marketing expert!

So, you want to create a great brand? It all starts with your strategy – and London : Los Angeles (LO:LA) can set you apart from your competition. It's no wonder the agency has been voted top 10 in the brand management space by MarTech Outlook!

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Find your why

Underpinning the service - and central to the firm's selection by MarTech Outlook - is LO:LA's focus on 'why' across all marketing materials. The team notes that clearly communicating this to customers in a way that encourages long-term support is fundamental for any brand management strategy.

Audience trust is key: recent data from Influencer Marketing Hub reveals that 81% of consumers need to trust a brand before making a purchase decision. LO:LA's inclusion in MarTech Outlook's top 10 list reflects its success in helping you build and maintain this high level of trust with your target audience.

Expert brand strategy

The agency's service includes brand voice creation, audience definition, and go-to-market planning. LO:LA enables you to establish a strong brand identity that resonates with your target market and sets you apart from competitors.

Building upon this foundation, the team also provides full digital marketing and content creation services that align with your core brand values - ensuring that all marketing initiatives, from social media campaigns to website content, reinforce your brand's identity and message.

One of LO:LA's standout services is its Brand In A Box solution, a comprehensive four-phase process designed to create and launch a fully realized brand identity. This begins with thorough research and immersion to understand your business and market, then progresses through brand story, strategy development, visual expression creation, and brand rollout.

Your ideal brand partner

LO:LA's selection as a top 10 brand management company reflects the agency's ongoing commitment to innovation and growth in the field of brand strategy and marketing.

A spokesperson states: "While numerous businesses are preoccupied with short-term promotional tactics and antiquated, fragmented messaging strategies, we emphasize creating a coherent narrative and messaging continuum that propels you into your next chapter moment."

Looking to transform your brand and take your business to the next level? LO:LA is the team to trust!

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