Brand Building With Content Marketing (because it’s 2024 and people hate ads!)

Jun 18, 2024

82% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing – but there are many ways to do content marketing. Here’s one way that shows success.

When was the last time that you looked for a new product or service on Google, and then bought the one that forced advertising on you?

If you're like me, and everyone else I know - then you're probably sick of ads, and so are your customers. My advice is to try something different, that doesn't annoy your customers - in fact, they may even love it instead. Leaf World Media is sharing tips on how to do marketing... differently. No more annoying ads, no more annoyed customers; instead, they recommend informative content published on trusted websites.

Digital Marketing, Done Right

The idea is to use a content creation strategy that helps to grow brand visibility for any business on major search engines, without ads or “sponsored link” banners.

Why? That's simple - because no one likes ads.

Some people dislike them so much, they'll never shop somewhere that bothers them with ads - so a new strategy is needed. One that uses something people might even love... content.

There's no captive audience marketing, no interrupting someone's favorite TV show, and no waiting for a boring ad to be over before they can listen to music.

Content That Finds Customers

Now that we know what it isn't, let's discuss what content creation is, and why it works so well.

In short - instead of guessing what people want and trying to show them the right ads, content creation uses the opposite technique, and lets the customers find the business, naturally.

Here's how it works: all kinds of content is crafted about a brand, products, and services - and it's made to look organic. Then it's placed all over the internet, on popular and trusted websites.

Instead of annoying ads, this strategy uses fancy press releases, funny blogs, interesting podcasts, informative slideshows, and so on - all designed to rank highly in the search results, so customers can find it when they're actively looking for a service or product.

As the content is published on trustworthy websites, businesses can also increase their "domain authority" - which, in turn, builds trust with both search engines and customers.

Easier Than Pie

People always say, "easy as pie," but anyone who's ever baked a pie will tell you it's not as easy as it looks.

And maybe, just maybe trying to do all this yourself is not, in fact, "easy as pie". There are, however, done for you options. Basically, you don't have to do anything except provide your website URL and review the completed pieces.

Whether you choose to go that route or DIY the whole thing, that's up to you.

Content marketing is a proven marketing strategy, after all, and it's already working for many businesses - or 82% of marketers wouldn't be actively investing in it. There are many content marketing strategies available - from blog posting on business websites to media placements on high-authority platforms.

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