Boulder, CO Holistic Dentist Offers Eco-Friendly & Mercury-Free Treatments

Oct 23, 2023

If holistic wellness is something you care about, you should have a dentist who cares about it too. Studio Z Dental (303-802-4313) near Boulder is an award-winning practice that offers holistic, all-natural, eco-conscious treatment options.

So much of our overall health starts with our oral health, so it only makes sense that our dental care should utilize a holistic approach.

Studio Z Dental takes holistic dentistry seriously, offering the safest, most environmentally friendly, natural, and non-toxic treatments available.

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A Unique Approach To Oral Care

Studio Z Dental strives to focus its dental work on "why", rather than "what", meaning its team of specialists focuses on your underlying conditions rather than simply treating the symptoms. Studio Z Dental is committed to using only the safest, most natural products and techniques, and is gold-certified by the Eco-Dentistry Association.

I'd never heard of the SMART Protocol, but after learning about it, I'm amazed that it isn't the gold standard for dentists. Studio Z follows this protocol closely, which aims to lower the risk of contamination from the elements that make up silver fillings.

Silver fillings are comprised of mercury, silver, tin, copper, and zinc (yikes). These metals, particularly mercury, can potentially present health risks and the practice's dentists are well-trained to remove these amalgam fillings from your mouth safely and effectively.

Another aspect of Studio Z's holistic dentistry is providing fluoride-free options for you and your children. While fluoride treatments have conventionally been used to strengthen teeth enamel, consuming high levels of fluoride can potentially lead to adverse side effects. Studio Z can provide remineralization treatments that support strong teeth enamel and are completely free of fluoride.

Studio Z's team uses latex-free gloves, as well as gluten-free toothpaste and restorative materials, to accommodate patients with allergies. Additional holistic treatments are available at the clinic, including oxygen ozone therapy for optimal oral health and biocompatibility testing. Schedule a comprehensive consultation with them today to get started on your personalized, holistic dental care plan.

About Studio Z Dental

Located in Louisville, CO, Studio Z Dental strives to provide holistic, integrative dental care with a wide range of services and options, including mercury-free treatments. The practice is one of the few in this area with dentists trained in mercury-safe silver amalgam filling removal. All Studio Z dentists are members of The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and closely follow its protocols.

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