Boston’s Top Nutritional Consulting Practice Does Holistic Treatment Plans

May 28, 2024

Poe Holistic Health (508-388-2853) in Boston, MA is offering you the chance to empower your body’s natural systems to heal more effectively with the help of specially formulated dietary planning services.

Medical Marvels, Natural Solutions

We are abundantly lucky to live in a time of medical miracles. Diseases that would have been life-threatening even 50 years ago can now be knocked out in the course of a weekend. However, with all of this innovation comes a strange sense of disconnect, as though the natural world and the incredible bounty that it can provide is somehow lost in this equation. Why is that?

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The problem partially stems from a lack of information on the patient's side. While you and I have likely both been handed extensive pamphlets detailing every possible effect and side-effect of medication before, chances are that you didn't exactly sink your teeth into that riveting reading material. Now that we are increasingly bombarded by advertisements from the pharmaceutical industry as well, it can leave one feeling a bit numb - and, perhaps more relevantly, extremely disoriented when it comes to personal health.

While there is no substitute for the cutting-edge treatments that Western medicine has concocted for some of humanity's oldest and most prevalent ailments, many people have found that nature still has a major part to play in health, leading to the creation of holistic healing and functional health practices.

Holistic Healing In Boston

Poe Holistic Health hopes to provide the people of Boston with high-quality vitality support - while not seeking to replace more traditional disease prevention methods. The diet planning services that they can provide are intended to provide relief for everyday inflammation or pain by supporting the body’s systems with essential vitamins and minerals.

Poe Holistic Health is led by Dr. Kristin Poe, a doctor of Naprapathy and leading expert in the field of alternative medicine. While she maintains a deep respect for traditional Western medicine, her own experience with holistic healing, as well as positive results using Functional Health techniques to treat physical and emotional dysfunction, have led her to offer these same techniques at her practice.

Empower Your Bodily Systems

One such technique revolves around the use of micronutrients to target specific health problems, using the natural anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting compounds found in many botanicals and whole foods to provide relief to her patients, and now, to you. Spread between dietary advice and general health consulting, her technique seeks to balance her patients’ diets to allow their bodies to heal naturally.

On the topic, Dr. Poe stated, "Holistic health seeks to look at the 'Whole' person, and takes the many facets of human beings into account. This includes harmony of your MBS (mind, body and spirit) in order to achieve optimal health and wellness. So essentially, achieving a balance is the goal when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle."

Custom Plans For Your Lifestyle

Many different treatments may be recommended at the discretion of Dr. Poe depending on the severity of your symptoms and your long-term health goals. She creates a custom treatment plan based on your unique situation, designed to work with - not conflict - your lifestyle.

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If you are interested in these holistic services or in any of the other functional health techniques that Dr. Poe may provide, you can make an appointment at the link below. The Shrewsberry office location can also be reached at (508) 388-2853 for additional information regarding any of the aforementioned services.

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