Bossier City’s Top HVAC Contractor Repairs AC Leaks & Thermostat Malfunctions

May 23, 2024

Is your AC unit ready for the heat that’s about to hit Louisiana this summer? Make sure it is by calling the air conditioner repair experts at Central Aire Heating & AC, Inc. (318-747-4965) in Bossier City.

You've likely been in a situation where air conditioning is desperately needed but there either isn't one around or the available one is broken. To avoid this situation occurring in your home it's important that you get any issues with your air conditioner fixed promptly, and to do this the only company you should call is Central Aire Heating & AC, Inc.! They'll help you ensure that your air conditioning unit is functioning properly ahead of Louisiana's warmer summer months.

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It's Going To Be A Hot Summer!

According to the Climate Prediction Center, there’s a 40% to 50% chance that Louisiana will face higher-than-normal temperatures from June through August. As such, Central Aire Heating & AC, Inc. is encouraging you to get any problems that your air conditioning unit is experiencing repaired immediately.

“During the hot summer days in northwestern Louisiana, you must have an effective cooling unit,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “At Central Aire Heating & AC, Inc., your indoor comfort is important to us, so if your AC is failing, we want to help.”

No Issue Is Too Much For Them!

Central Aire Heating & AC, Inc. will start your AC repair call with a thorough inspection of your unit, during which they will diagnose the problem and discuss your repair options. Once a solution has been agreed upon, they get to work making the repairs. Typically, their technicians will have the tools and materials needed to perform the fixes with them when they arrive; however, in some cases, a second appointment may be required to complete the job.

The technicians at Central Aire Heating & AC, Inc. can repair a wide range of air conditioner issues, from refrigerant leaks and compressor failures to blocked filters and thermostat malfunctions. When working on an AC unit, their primary goal is to keep airflow and temperature control consistent.

Call Them...You'll Be Glad You Did!

Getting your AC unit repaired is a wise investment as it restores comfort to your home and it's often more cost-effective than replacing it entirely. Moreover, repairing your AC unit reduces waste and promotes sustainability by extending the lifespan of the appliance.

“Central Aire Heating & AC, Inc. exceeded all of my expectations with their air conditioner repair services,” said a satisfied client. “Their team responded to my call, diagnosed my issue, and fixed my AC unit all in less time than other companies took to provide me with a quote. I'm incredibly impressed by their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of reliable AC repairs.”

About Central Aire Heating & AC, Inc.

Central Aire Heating & AC, Inc. has been providing clients in Bossier City and the neighboring communities with professional heating and cooling services since 1974. In addition to repairs, the company also performs installations, replacements, inspections, and routine maintenance.

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