Boost Your Santa Clarita Dental Practice’s Online Visibility & Brand With SBO

Apr 30, 2024

Running a dental practice a business is a busy job. Understanding this, My Tooth Media (MTM) now offers a unique dental marketing program to Santa Clarita dentists, helping you attract new patients through search box optimization!

Unique Dental Marketing Program for Santa Clarita Dentists 

Do you want to attract new patients and start growing your Santa Clarita dental clinic but don't have a clue how? Then, My Tooth Media's Google Autocomplete Optimization Program is exactly what you need! These dental marketing experts will have your practice dominate the whole first SERP and grab your patients' attention!

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My Tooth Media's program was designed to boost your online visibility and give you a significant competitive edge. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind marketing opportunity!

Google and Bing Will Suggest Your Clinic 

My Tooth Media's SBO (Search Box Optimization) strategy utilizes SEO practices to leverage the autosuggest function of search engines like Google, Bing, and YouTube. By placing you in the droplist field when a potential patient starts typing in their query, the digital marketing agency helps you establish authority and a hyper-local online presence.

"Discover an unparalleled marketing platform that none of your competitors will possess with our Google Autocomplete Optimization Program," a company spokesperson said. "Position yourself as the first dental office your customers encounter when searching for a dentist or specific dental services in your local area."

The Importance of Organic Search Results

According to statistics from Oberlo, only 0.63% of users click on Google's second SERP (Search Engine Result Page). If a consumer doesn't find what they were looking for on the first SERP, studies show that they tend to modify their query. Furthermore, the first result of the first page is ten times more likely to attract a website visitor than a result in the tenth place, underlining the impact organic rankings can have on your website's traffic.

SBO for Brand Awareness

In addition to providing a competitive edge when it comes to rankings, SBO is also an efficient strategy for improving brand awareness. My Tooth Media explains that when patients see your clinic appear in the autosuggest list, it will signal high authority and have a positive impact on their purchase decision.

How To Get Started With Google Autocomplete Optimization

To get started with My Tooth Media's Google Autocomplete Optimization Program, you can either request keywords that describe a service that you want to rank for or keyword phrase research. During the analysis, My Tooth Media will determine which phrases will have the desired impact on your practice by investigating PPC bid costs, urgent need phrases, and monthly search volume.

The program is available on both local and a national level. The process is similar, but My Tooth Media will tailor the strategy to suit your goals, whether you're a small clinic or a part of an established franchise.

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